Saturday, 5 August 2017

Review: July 2017

Hey guys! 

July was full of work at my actual real paying adult job, which involved days that lasted 16 hours from leaving the house to getting back, but I had time for a few other cool things, including Leon, Lablinn, reading, Harvard and Biology. Let's go. 

JOB @ CTYI: Despite the very long days, I really enjoyed my job as a Teaching Assistant at CTYI (Biotechnology in Session 1 and Medicine in Session 2). I had the older students in Session 2, which was awesome, and we got on really well. It was really nice having such a good rapport with the students but also being able to manage them and get things done when necessary. My students were awesome. 

LEON: I stayed with Leon for a significant majority of the month. It was awesome. We played games and watched a bunch of Brooklyn 99. Here are some pictures of when we went for a walk in Glendalough. 

And here's a picture of Leon after I beat him at Carcassonne (don't be misled -- he wins the vast majority of the time).

LABLINN: July was a big month for Lablinn, as it's when we had our first team call. It was awesome, and the team is working really well and I'm delighted with it. We're planning more schools workshops, a library event, and a public health awareness competition for the UK and Ireland and it is super cool. Check out the site here and the team at

BIOLOGY: I studied a lot of Biology out of Campbell's Biology textbook and made about 30 pages of notes. It's so interesting, I love it a lot. Should probably change my subject choices but alas I am indecisive. 

HARVARD: I'm almost finished the Harvard Business X summer course I'm taking -- on 86% in accounting and the high seventies in Analytics (Stats) and Economics. I've learned a ton, it's pretty cool.

READING: I completed the goal I set last August to read 15 popular science books between then and the end of July by reading Carl Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World (an early birthday gift from Leon, review soon), Lab Girl by Hope Jahren (review) and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks (review). That last one may have been in June but the review was in July, so there. 

In summary: a pretty uniform month because of work, but I am really excited about the work we're doing at Lablinn, and about studying more biology and Leon. In August, events will include a trip to London for a Lablinn x Stemettes collaboration, the Summer Leadership Academy, a work reception, my 19th birthday and six month-iversary with Leon, finishing Harvard, and a trip to Prague and Vienna to see my Youth Platform pals. Woot.

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