Sunday, 13 September 2015

August Review

I very nearly forgot to do this post, thus why it's halfway through September already by the time I'm writing it. 

For the first few days of August, I just slept a lot and was very upset about leaving CTYI and missed people. Thanks to Aaron, Cian and Jason for the calls around then, by the way. They were helpful. 

Friday 7th
I think I met up with Cian at some point in the first week because we'd been looking forward to it since CTYI ended, but the first concrete thing is Niamh's 18th, which was on Friday 7th. I remember taking a lot of trains and having fun being typical teenagers at the party, and making friends. We got out of there in the early hours of the morning, so I slept over at Katie's. 

Saturday  8th
Then Katie, me, Cian, Amy, Joe and Chloe went into town together the next day to celebrate my birthday early because I'd be at Outbox for the actual thing. It was quite nice. I love this photo:

Sunday 9th - Wednesday 12th
I went home Saturday night and the next morning Dad dropped me off outside DublIn airport and i haphazardly made my own way through. It was time for Outbox to begin. I spent most of that day with Christine. 

In the first few days of Outbox, I hung out with my roommates Gabi and Grace, had a gang of girls burst into my room at midnight to celebrate my birthday, attended interesting sessions and marvelled at the pantry. Here's Christine as David Bowie during the makeup sesh. 

Thursday 13th - Sunday 16th

Talked til 4 am with Cian on Thursday. Pretty jam-packed few days as everyone was preparing for Demo Day. Had wonderful jam sessions, especially with Ciara J. Demo Day on the Saturday. Had a lot of fun at Olympic Park with Amy, Gabi, Christine, Kate and Aileen on the Saturday afternoon. 

Pulled an all-nighter on the Saturday night because a load of girls would be going home the next day at 630. On Sunday, said tearful goodbyes to Christine, Ciara J, Aoife, Lauren and Aileen. 

You can see Christine and I in the left foreground there. 

On the Sunday around forty girls went to see the Sherlock proms. I didn't because I was tired, but on the bright side that meant I could welcome Chloe (CTY) to the house and have a nice chill chat. 

Monday 17th - Wednesday 19th
Having Room 7 with all three CTY people in the house was amazing, we had such a fun time. Best roomies ever, especially as Ciara and Amy became honorary members. 

On Tuesday it was Gabi's 16th birthday so a bunch of people burst in at midnight with a cake they'd rustled up from the pantry. 

One day we got to get out of the house and go on a lovely evening walk to the local playground. Gabi and I were super close, which was lovely. Had fun on the swings with Christine. Around then, the Stemettes took the wonderful pantry away. 

We had an amazing race in the main room to CTY and Queen songs, during which I ended up standing on the table. It was a wonderful distraction. 

On the Wednesday, we spent the morning in Bloomberg. It was an interesting experience. They weren't a fan of the Communism jokes though. 

Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd

The last few days involved strengthening bonds with people, especially Ciara and Amy, watching GBF in Room 7, receiving this amazing circuit board card from Amy, learning new things about the people there and some delayed trampolining. 

Oh, and party games. 

A ton of Irish girls flew back together at the end of Week 4, all of us except Gabi going through Gatwick. Chloe, Ciara and I hung out in the duty-free before we left. 

Chloe and I sat beside each other on the flight back. Twas nice, although we were both very tired. We all hugged goodbye at the airport, and then there was post-Outbox loneliness to add to the post-CTY loneliness.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. 

Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th

Sat at home. Recovery period. 

My sister and I in the kitchen. 

Thursday 27th

The day of Ciaran's Debs. Caoimhe did my makeup in the morning and we had a wonderful time, only getting back to his at 6 am. 

Friday 28th

Had coffee and went to an art gallery with Cian in Dublin, then ukulele jammed with Alice and had a sleepover at her house. 

Saturday 29th

A really wonderful CTYI reunion. Squad goals. 

Sunday 30th

Shopped with Alice in Tallaght. 

Apart from missing CTY and Outbox, it was a great month. You can find proper posts about almost everything written here by scrolling back through my blog. 

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