Thursday, 3 September 2015

Summer's Last Weekend: Friday

Friday was a lovely, relaxed day - except for the morning. Having gone to sleep at 6 am after Ciarán's debs, I woke up feeling alarmingly rested at 12.44, then got up in a panic because I had been supposed to meet my bestie Cian at the Spire almost an hour before. I got dressed quickly, ate cereal (thanks Tracey!), packed my stuff and was driven to O' Connell Street by Ciaran's Dad (thanks Ronan!). 

I managed to sneak up on Cian, then we were off for our mini day out. I didn't have any plans in mind, so we walked to Trinity and he brought me to an art gallery, where he explained the meaning behind the artwork and I took the piss. It was a lot of fun. 

Here's us in front of a modern art installation: 

After that, unless I'm forgetting a bookshop jaunt or something, we went to Costa and he got me hot chocolate and a chocolate square, which were delicious. Yet another shoutout to Cian. He lent me one of his philosophy books to read while sitting there, and the rest of the time we talked. So nice. 

Around four, we walked up to Stephen's Green together to meet Alice, who'd just gotten off school and would be hosting me for a sleepover. Alice is great, and wonderfully enthusiastic about the things she likes. It's amazing to watch. 

We dropped Cian off at the Luas, then spent an hour on the bus from College Green to her house. I fell asleep during the journey even though there was wifi. I was so sleepy that day. The bus stop is right opposite her house, which is really cool. 

When we got in, we said hi to her family then played Wii games for a bit before I did a Skype interview for the 99% Podcast alongside Ciara Judge, talking about Outbox, the Young Scientist and girls in STEM. We were interviewed by Lucien and Michael. It's always funny being interviewed, since I interview people myself. Kinda interesting to be on both sides of the table, although probably less nerve wracking to be the interviewer. Good for versatility anyway. 

After the interview, Alice came back in and we had an amazing ukulele jam session. I just love doing music with Alice - she has a gift for singing harmonies and her ukulele playing is wonderful, and there's this huge sense of connection while jamming. We did a ton of songs, and I played the piano for a couple of them. 

We did some sleepovery things then. Compliments on your room, Alice. 

Here's Alice looking adorable with something on her head:

We fell asleep fairly early on the airbed - like I said, tired. 

Such a lovely day, only to be topped by the next. Look out for my reunion post. 

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