Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Tale of Two Reunions

Recently had two small reunions, so here they are combined. I had to leave one after an hour, but I still had a wonderful time. Shoutout to the weather for co-operating!

Saturday 19th September

There were a lot of session one people at this reunion, so I got introduced to plenty of new people. Which was fun. Also got Ben to come, which is rare. 

Get ready for lots of photos. 

John Joe balancing feat. Amazingly Photogenic Gabi, the actual real-life meme. 

I'm starting to think balancing was a theme of that reunion. 

Everyone arranged in order of height. Some people defeating the purpose by not standing straight but hey, it was cool. Ben wasn't there at that point because his bus had been at five. It was nice walking him over. 

A group of people from that reunion went to Welcome to Nightvale that night and said it was good. 

Then last Saturday, the reunion I was at for about an hour and a half. 

It was beautifully sunny so me and Gabi just sat on the green and talked about a bunch of things before everyone else arrived and we hung out in Burger King. It had a lovely chill reunion vibe. Ben walked me to my train station. 

Until next time. 

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