Friday, 2 January 2015

Photo Friday #1: JC Results Night

Photo Friday is a weekly event I'm starting where I find a photo that means a lot to me and write about it. This week's photo is from Junior Cert Results Night 2013.

In the picture are Niamh, Kate, Courtney, Ellen, me (far right) and Chloe in front. 

I was in TY, and in the morning the school brought us out for a talk on entrepreneurship to keep our minds off the results. It was pretty fun and I met some people, but when we returned to school the tension just mounted all day. At 3.10, I think, my whole year was called out to the gym and we had to get into lines in our classes. 

I was terrified. I thought I could probably manage 7 As, but my Dad had promised me €100 if I got 8 As, which I thought I couldn't possibly get. By that point it wasn't even about the money, it was just about this pressure I built up for myself. But anyway, I got 8 As, it was all good, Mam collected me and dropped me to Chloe's house so we could get ready for the disco!

To be honest, I didn't want to go to a disco to celebrate Results night, but it was where all my friends were going so I had to. And when Chloe invited me to her house to get ready I was chuffed (what a word), so that was good. We got ready in Chloe's bedroom, curled/straightened each other's hair, talked about outfits (blah blah stereotypes) and just chatted about whatever. There was also some drink, but I didn't have any.

Here's another picture from the same night.

It was just really nice, full of camaraderie and friendship. Everyone pretty much forgot about their results by the time we got to the disco.

Unfortunately, it went downhill from there.

Everyone was drunk. One girl from my class was off her face and careened into me, saying "I don't know why everyone hates you so much, Elle, you're actually quite nice." So hearing that everyone hates me was fun. I was also carrying a can of Diet Coke and almost everyone assumed I was hiding alcohol in it, even at my insistence that it was just Coke. They made me empty it out before going in the door. I understand why, but it still annoys me that that was necessary.

I didn't enjoy the disco. The music was really shite and too loud and I kept getting separated from my friends, so I just went into the Smoking Room where, you guessed it, everyone was smoking (cigarettes or weed). So many people asked me for a fag and I was just like "Do I look like I smoke?" I know I seem really judgmental right now but it was very annoying. Another girl repeatedly offered me weed and I was like "Nah" until someone else stepped in. Peer pressure really isn't that difficult to resist when it's a peer you don't like, and thankfully my actual friends don't force me into anything. 

So many boys asked me for the shift. I told them no, I have a boyfriend (true), but they persisted. A lot of them didn't believe me, they were like "Well where is he then? Why isn't he here?". Because he's in sixth year, you idiots. I wouldn't have shifted them anyway but it was a convenient excuse. Seriously, they were so gross. 

I went home around midnight in my brothers' babysitter's car. It was meh. We had school the next morning so I was glad I didn't drink.

The reason I like this photo is because of memories of being in Chloe's house and the friendship there, so it doesn't really matter that the rest of the night didn't live up to standard.

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