Friday, 9 January 2015

Photo Friday #2: the Choir at Croke Park

Photo Friday is a weekly event I'm starting where I find a photo that means something to me and write about it. This week's photo is from my school choir's performance at Croke Park. 

From left to right: me, Kate, Grainne, Ellen. 

We took this photo while we were waiting backstage for our performance (and oh god was there a lot of waiting). We got breaks in between rehearsal rounds, and what else was there to do but take selfies? 

The road to Croke Park was pretty awesome. When I was in 2nd Year, the choir won an All-Ireland Choir Competition sponsored by Waltons (which I've mentioned before in my ukulele post). Stuff happened, can't remember, but we practised a lot and enrolled in an event there to break the world record for most simultaneous carols. We were the only choir actually allowed up onto the Croke Park stage, which was nice, although we didn't break the record and the sound setup was awful. 

It was freezing, but definitely a choir highlight, and man choir has been good to me. 

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