Friday, 23 January 2015

Photo Friday #4: My First Date

Photo Friday is a weekly event on this blog where I pick an image that means something to me and talk about it. 

So this is from the first time I met up with James, my first boyfriend. It was, I think, 6th January 2013, and we were in a local shopping centre. James lives an hour away so he was nice enough to come down (and get off before his stop). It wasn't officially a date between myself and James, but it was a double date with another couple, Niamh and Cahal. Niamh is in my year at school and Cahal is my second boyfriend. Heh. 

It's hard to remember the details, but we went to McDonalds and the shopping centre, and had a really great time chatting. I remember talking to James about this girl with hydrophobia, and laughing every time Niamh/Cahal tried to say we were a couple.

I think around this time we were actually talking to each other late at night (one time we talked 'til 3 am), so it was going to happen, but I didn't want to move that fast. Niamh actually gave out to me in school afterwards, saying the whole point had been for us to shift, so what was the point?

But like, ew, shifting. 

We loitered in Waterstones for an hour, just sitting facing each other in the YA section and chatting. It was magical - I love that place. They did eventually make us leave but they were nice to let us stay the hour.

It was a new experience, definitely. Very teenager-y, for the first time, I guess.

Our second date (a real one this time) was on Valentine's Day. 

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