Saturday, 2 May 2015

April Review

I actually totally forgot to do an April Review until I saw Aimee's, and was in the process of writing a reflection on Evolve Biomed (the conference). But here you go.

It's been a pretty nice month.

I got internet back after five weeks without it at the start of this month, which was a relief. During my time without internet, I'd fallen in love with my Nokia phone. I discovered studyblrs and Dad moved into a new house. 

My sister's birthday was on the 20th, and that same day I sang a Beyoncé song at Mass and World Week began on the blog with "Interview with a Canadian". In the following days, I interviewed people from Africa, Australia, America and Hong Kong. I really enjoyed that series; it was fun doing a theme I'd invented, and it felt like real journalism going out and interviewing these people (virtually). Thanks to everyone who shared their stories. World "Week" actually has one more installment coming, from a French girl. So look forward to that in the coming days. I also played a lot of chess in school in April. 

On the 24th, I went up to the Department of Education in Dublin for an Awards Ceremony, after winning the 15-17 Category nationally for a newspaper writing about alcohol competition. I got an iPad, so that was nice. 

The Awards Ceremony was the start of a very busy week that just ended yesterday. The day after was my brother's Communion.

On the 29th and 30th of April, I attended and presented my work at Evolve Biomed, a conference accelerating biomedical innovation. Exhausting but definitely an experience. Reflection on that coming tomorrow.

The week of 27th April to 1st May was Positive Mental Health Week in school, which was really great. The best day was Friday (Fair Day), which wasn't technically April but here are some photos anyway.

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