Saturday, 9 May 2015

My Favourite Twitters

I originally thought making a list of my favourite Twitter accounts would be easier, but it has not been. Not only is linking things tedious as hell, it's hard to narrow down a list. So I've described my top favourites and then added a shortlist down the bottom. Also, I'm not linking - it's pretty easy to type these names into the Twitter search box. If you really want links, comment below.

These aren't in any particular order, but they're all good.


The Twitter account of a satire newspaper, the Irish equivalent to the Onion. Both hilarious and free.

Absolute gold. Was once skyping some friends, and we genuinely laughed for hours while going through these Tweets. I have no idea whether they're satirical, but when they have Tweets like:

#Teens: Can #Jesus see you if you #Tweet in #Church?

It's amazing. They have no idea how hashtags work and are spectacularly, hilariously Republican. I gave you a recent Tweet just there - there are some amazing ones in the archives. Honestly, gallons of fun for the whole family, if the family can take a joke.


Makes fun of YA love interest clichés. They still haven't run out of material, impressively.

Not entirely sure how I came across this girl (something Nerdfighter, I think) - but she's delightfully nerdy and quirky, it's cool. 

Don't know this girl, but her Twitter is insightful and funny. A definite follow.

Ciara lives in Ireland and has a long list of accomplishments that I'm not going to go through because nah (mostly along with Emer and Sophie), but she's cool and nice to talk to, plus her Twitter is entertaining.

Similar to Ciara above, though I haven't talked to Emer much. Both are loudly for gay rights and have cool tech tweets, so yeah. I empathize with her frustration with the sraithpictiúrí which reminds me I have my 5th Year Irish oral on Monday and I have no sraithpictiuri with me. I'm so screwed.

This is the account of Louise O' Neill, an Irish writer who wrote a book I absolutely adore, Only Ever Yours. She's very entertaining and interesting on Twitter, too. Other authors like Maureen Johnson and Laini Taylor deserve a mention for their Twitters also. 

This account, also called "Women Against Feminism", is hard to describe. So here are some examples. 


Here are some random humour accounts - all are funny, but strange, so it depends on the type of person you are. Quite Tumblr.


A girl in my school was the mayor of NYC for the school play, so now she has a full-fledged Twitter about it. It's coming in handy now that she's running for school Head Girl.


Now, there are almost certainly more, especially writers and people in tech, but that's a pretty good taste. It's 57 minutes past midnight, so that's me done. 

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