Saturday, 30 May 2015

Town with Jerry

Today was great, and I'm probably the most relaxed I've been this year since January - despite not getting anything done. This was, I think, the first Saturday in weeks I left the house and had a social life, as my friend Jerry came down to see me.

Also, I made an effort with my clothes and appearance for once, though I still didn't wear any makeup. Have a look:

Working that style blogger look. Dress from my sister, jacket from the wardrobe, flower band from Claire's, tights probably from Penneys. 

I wasn't sure exactly where I'd be meeting Jerry, so I was reading peacefully in Waterstones when my brother said they'd seen Jerry. So I turned around and Jerry was sitting behind me. He sneaks up on me all the time, it's hilarious. I do get lost in books. 

We didn't really have a plan in mind (y'know, teenage loitering), so we went to some charity shops (Jerry bought me a copy of The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson, which I've heard good things about) and to Dealz to stock up on junk. 

Bit more wandering, then we went to Boomerang (the youth café). I got hot chocolate and we both got chips. He lamented my awful ketchup technique. We then spent ages having a really interesting conversation about North Korea and nukes and neutrality and General Mao and Communism and America's military and assassinations and the Chinese education system and more. I knew very very little about all this, so I asked all the naive questions and learned a lot. I absolutely love it when people have skills or understand things I don't and are willing to teach me, it dramatically increases my respect for them and it's just so much fun.

We then walked to the Laurence Centre (this meant we had visited all three of my town's big ionad siopadóireachta) and went to the SVP where I'd gotten a really good deal on like twelve books before (twelve books for a fiver!). I bought Delirium by Lauren Oliver there for €1. I've been waiting to buy it for so long, although now it's just adding to my massive To-Be-Read (TBR) list. I'm currently reading The Most Human Human by Brian Christian, which is about AI. 

We then found a bench and I started teaching Jerry ukulele. He picked up the chords really fast and is doing fine with strumming, although he stresses too much about it. If you're reading this, Jerry, relax. You're doing really well. Also, learn songs. 

The last thing we did was go up to the roof of Scotch Hall. I don't know if you're meant to do that, but the door wasn't really locked so we just went up and walked around for a while.

Jerry took this when I wasn't looking. No idea what my bag is doing.

I saw Jerry off and came home, and have just done some aikido with Dad, had garlic bread and watched part of a movie on Netflix with my brothers. 

Quite mundane, I suppose, but it's been a really nice day. 

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