Thursday, 1 October 2015

European Research Night @ Science Gallery

Last Friday evening, Gabi, Chloe and I went to the Science Gallery for European Research Night. We stayed a few hours and had a great time, so thanks to Laura for inviting me. 

We saw stands on cryptology, the psychological effect of censorship, 3D printing, robotics, microbiology, nano medicine (holla) and more. The exhibitors, particularly at the microbiology and 3D printer stands, were really interesting and friendly, and it was really nice to see Adriele and some others I know from research stuff. Here's a cool tshirt one of the microbiology guys had. The lighting isn't  great, but it was funny at the time. 

As well as seeing all the cool science stuff and admiring the Science Gallery's expensive but quirky and unique sciencey trinkets, we had some really interesting discussions. Here's Chloe on the stairs:

We went to an interesting stand with researchers who investigated how much they could find out about you by trawling your social media (with software. When you do it manually it's just called stalking). I didn't really care if social media companies were selling my information, but one of the guys did give an interesting hypothetical: what if you complain about tiredness online and check in near a hospital, and facebook them sells that information to an insurance company and they raise your premium? My position does remain that insurance companies are the problem in that situation though. 

We looked a bit dodge in the weird lighting, but Dublin looked lovely. 

On the way out, we paid tribute to the darkest meme of all: pop culture.

We dropped Gabi off, then Chloe and I walked back to her bus stop and had a really nice, chill sleepover. Well done to everyone who put the night together.

Unrelated: I recently got appointed to the Youth Panel of the British Science Association, so I'll be travelling to London quite a bit. Exciting, nay?

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