Sunday, 30 August 2015

Summer's Last Weekend: Debs Night

On Thursday, I accompanied my friend Ciaran to his Debs (or Prom, for my American readers). It was a fantastic night - here's how it all went down, in excruciating detail. The exciting bits are towards the end. 

I was dropped into town around 7:30 a.m., carrying my ukulele, bag with Debs outfit and overnight bag for my upcoming three-night stay in Dublin. I found a 2L bottle of knockoff Fanta in Tesco for 80c, so I was soon carrying that too, plus of course my trusty green handbag. Bored of the inventory yet?

I was let into the local youth cafe, Boomerang, around half eight, and hung out there for a while before walking up to the station to get a bus to meet Caoimhe, who was going to do my Debs makeup. I got super lost trying to find her house, but then we spent a nice few hours chatting while she did my makeup in the sun. She did a great job. 

On my way to steal yo girl. 

Around one, Ciaran's dad collected me and we had a really interesting chat about airport security while he drove me to DublIn. I said hi to Ciaran and Tracey (who had a great spread of food on the table), then chilled in his room for a bit before getting dressed. We did a ton of family photos around six, then hung out with Ciaran's friends Sean, Graham and Kevin until it was time to leave. 

I promise I'll replace the selfies with other photos when they're sent to me. 

Ciaran and I discussed space, computers and other sciencey stuff while being driven to the Osprey Hotel in a Bentley. The venue was pretty fancy. On the way in, we were asked for ID (I happened to have my passport) and then marked for death, by which I mean stamped with an X so we couldn't drink (not that I'd drink, but the X washed off). Then we were searched by security and rather invasively patted down I hadn't been warned about this, so I was quite affronted by 'Spread your legs' from the female guard. 

Anyway, then we went in and I chatted to some girls who introduced themselves as Jess and Ciara. Eventually (felt like forever because I was wearing heels) we sat down, and I was introduced to Aaron, Anto, Colm and Jayson from Ciaran's school. We talked and watched a video of clips from their school years - Ciaran featured - then had a small three-course meal. Afterwards, I went to the bathroom and tried in vain to remove my contacts before rushing to the nightclub before the doors closed. 

People juggled fire poi outside. 

The nightclub held the best part of the event for me, since I love music and dancing. Ciaran and I were intermittently dancing on the floor or chilling on the seats around the edges. We had a lot of fun around 1 a.m., highlights being Bad Touch, Blurred Lines (yeah, I know), Stacy's Mom (which Ciaran loved), Grease (danced to with Ciaran and Anto), Valerie and the absolutely euphoric finisher Shut Up and Dance With Me. There was a lot of crappy techno at the start, but a lot of old favourites came on as the night matured. What a weird phrase. 

The music stopped around three and we had breakfast, then got the bus back to Ciaran's school, from which we walked to his house. Well, he walked - I hobbled while he supported and eventually carried me. I must have seemed so drunk despite not having touched alcohol. 

We fell asleep pretty soon after getting home. It was a lovely night, and surprisingly enjoyable. 

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