Wednesday, 21 October 2015

School Open Night 2015

Okay, I know I said that last year's open night was my final open night in school, and it was supposed to be, but our school broke the two-year pattern this year and had an extra open night, so of course I went. This year, I was involved in choir, chess and the Young Scientist room. 

Our school always puts on an amazing show for Open Night. There were three shows by the orchestra, choir, ukulele orchestra and TY play in the assembly hall, the principal speaking in the library,  a decorated room for each subject and each extra-curricular activity plus rooms for things like TY and Guidance Counselling. They also had candles lighting up the driveway this year, which I thought was a really nice touch. There were games and puzzles for the incoming first years to do too, tours from older students around the school and facepainting by Laura and Caoimhe. The Home Ec room always has great food that I never get a chance to try, and they do demonstrations in the various science labs. 

Tends to leave one feeling quite proud of their school (this effect was strongest in me last year). 

I found this year's open night relatively relaxing, and I wasn't as exhausted as I usually am afterwards - well, until the next morning, when I had to get up early for school and basically sleepwalked through that day. 

I spent the time running between the assembly hall and the chess room, which are on opposite sides of the school, and occasionally popping into the Young Scientist room. It was cool bumping into past pupil Orlagh Gaynor, whom I haven't seen in ages due to her being in college. 

After the last  show (which for me involved sitting still while the orchestra played two pieces, singing A Thousand Years by Christina Perri with the choir and then leaving quickly to let the ukulele girls on) I snuck in the bag and watched the excerpt from the play. It was good, the lead actress has amazing stage presence. The main thing is that they filmed a video with Evanna Lynch in it. Evanna, who played Luna in HP, went to my school, and I can't believe no one told me she visited recently. Bah humbug.


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