Sunday, 4 October 2015

September 2015 Review

September was a pretty relaxed but very enjoyable month, with good news but not too much stress. Yay! It was the first month in a long time where there was nothing going on that I'd waited for for a long time, so I really just went with the flow. 

This month I started sixth year (okay technically that was the 31st of August, hush). It's actually been very doable, and definitely not a shock to the system like fifth year was. It's tiring, but the homework is manageable and I'm enjoying being back in Physics, Chemistry and Maths classes. Also, I'm actually enjoying History this year! Probably because we're staying far away from land and doing the Rising and War of Independence, which are horrific but fascinating. I have A1s in Physics, Chemistry and Maths, A2 in Irish, B1s in French and History and B2 in English. So they could do with some pushing up, but I'm happy. This month I went to a school meeting about UCAS applications and started considering applying to Oxbridge. 

On the 8th, I was announced as an Emerging Technologies global youth leader, in the nanotech sector. Check out for more on that. I think they actually told me privately the day before, though. I love when they do that, it's so courteous. On the weekend of the 12th, I studied a ton and was super proud. By the way, I've started a study log on that I find really useful for tracking my progress. On the 14th, I was invited to launch the Media Awards 2016 in October, where I won this ipad for winning my category last year. 

They always use this one photo. 

On the 17th, I went with my school to Higher Options in the RDS. That was pretty interesting. I collected a lot of prospectuses, attended the Oxbridge talk and met up with some friends. 

The following day, the 18th, a couple of girls from my Physics class went to a series of lectures on light in Queens University Belfast. It was a really great event, beautiful university and enthusiastic lecturers. Made me decide to put Queens on my UCAS application. 

On Saturday the 19th, there was a really fun reunion. I got to meet a lot of new people and hang out for ages. 

I visited St. James' on Monday 21st (hello, stressful train mishaps), then on Tuesday 22nd had school Careers Talks where representatives from different universities and ITs including DCU, UCD, DIT and DKIT told us about their institutions. I also really enjoyed the talk on stress by a psychologist and Emily's talk. Emily is a past pupil of my school who told us about college life and Queens University. Very useful. Then on the 23rd half of my year went to a convent for our last ever school retreat. It was quite nice. 

Also on the 23rd, I found out that Gabi and I had been accepted for the Intel Engineering course, which will take place from October to December on Saturdays. I spent most school lunchtimes in the last week or so of September helping the younger kids enter their Young Scientist projects. 

On Friday 25th, Gabi, Chloe and I went to European Research Night in the Science Gallery, which was enjoyable. I then slept over at Chloe's and briefly went to a reunion the next day before getting my train home at half one. 

I spent a lot of time in school practising in choir (we're doing Christmas carols with the trad group and dancers, so it takes a lot of coordination) and played three chess games for the intraschool tournament. I'm happy because I won two and drew one (drew against my sister). 

Then on the last day of September, I learned that I'd been appointed to the CREST Youth Panel of the British Science Association, so I'll be travelling over to London quite a bit this year for meetings. That's  also great because I can see some English friends. 

So that's about it. Grand old month :)

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