Saturday, 14 February 2015

Photo Friday #7: Rathescar Lake

Photo Friday is a weekly event on this blog where I pick a photo that means something to me and talk about it. This week's photo is of me and assorted friends and siblings at Rathescar (Rothescar?) Lake after a sleepover at my house.

Facebook tells me that the photo was uploaded on 22nd September 2012, and I'm glad Facebook is there because otherwise I wouldn't have a clue. But this is a wonderful photo, and I'll tell you what I do remember.

My family used to go for walks in Rathescar Lake all the time, practically every week I think. It was a circular walk around, you guessed it, a lake, with these amazing naturally interlocked trees that made brilliant climbing material. There were all these hearts carved into the trees with people's initials in them too, and it really was gorgeous. 

The night before, Kate and Niamh (top row, left) had come to a sleepover (presumably for my birthday). Those were good sleepovers, though I'm having trouble distinguishing this particular one. So I'll take it as a holder of all of them.

Jude, Moya and Luke (bottom row) came along too, and actually weren't annoying. It was just such a lovely day, sunny but not too hot and spent chatting with friends. I'm really glad I have this photo to look back on. I guess it symbolises "family and friends" for me.

Now, it's late and I've to be up at 6 tomorrow to go out for Valentine's Day, so I'll leave it here. I haven't really done the photo's meaning justice, but I don't know if that's even possible. Wish me luck. 

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