Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Yes, it is the 15th. Yes, I'm aware that's not Valentine's Day, but I was tired last night so I'm posting now.

So deep and contemplative. 

So, yesterday being Valentine's Day, I planned to meet my boyfriend in my town and be all couply or whatever. He couldn't get down 'til after grinds and my only lift in got me in there for 7.40 a.m., so I had to occupy myself for six hours in town. When I got there, I saw that the planned shopping centre didn't open 'til 9.30, so then I walked over to the bus station where there was wifi and used my laptop for a while. Around 9 a.m., I walked back up slowly and went in when it was open. Very boringly wandered around for a while until the one hour window he said he should arrive in (between 12.30 and 1.30). I was texting Kevin and Seán, so I kept going out into the main aisle to get wifi and then back into the Waterstones to charge my laptop. Thanks for not kicking me out, guys. 

Ciarán was late, though not too much, and he immediately presented me with a hella cute teddy. We were in Waterstones at the time, by the way, me sitting on one of the new red armchairs near the entrance. He then pulled out this ornate red bag and gave me my presents. Voila.

Not the best photo, but there's the teddy, a card with cats on it, two sets of gloves, earphones, Lindor chocolate and a purse. 

I love how thoughtful the gifts are: he always says I'm like a cat, I've lost my earphones recently, my hands are always unreasonably cold and I tend to use the top of my bag as a purse, which can be pretty inconvenient. Thank you darling.

I then gave him his stuff, which included a onesie, a hot water bottle inside a fluffy teddy and some Loom bands, because he wanted a onesie, likes fluffy things and is good with his hands so I was surprised he'd never tried Loom bands. 

We did a lap around Waterstones, then went upstairs in the shopping centre to sit on the benches and talk. Eventually, we left and went along the street with Penneys, ABC and Esquires. There weren't many people in Penneys, strangely, though a lot of those who were were from my school, leading Ciarán to ask whether my school was the entire town (yes).

Esquires was too expensive, so we went looking for Jaffa Xpress by going through the Town Centre. I was very proud when I found it, I must say. Sense of direction! I had already spent my allotted €2 during the six hours waiting (on plain demibaguettes and a Chomp), so Ciarán paid for the majority of the meal (I paid €1.80 so  he paid like €8. Sorry, Ciarán). It was really nice; I got a BLT, a hot chocolate and chips. He got a sandwich with chicken in it and we shared the chips, plus he'd bought me a lolly from earlier. We relaxed and talked, and it was really nice. Jaffa Xpress is really great. 

We then went to the library and looked around before sitting down by the wall and plugging my laptop in as Ciarán wanted to have a look and see what was wrong with it. Unfortunately, though, the library closed soon after (at 5) and we had to leave. 

We briefly went into Choice and Boyds before returning to Waterstones and sharing a chair. Then, when I felt like we were PDAing a little too much, we went to the back of the shop. Ciarán got me to put on the gloves/mittens and try to open a book to a specific page. I was terribly fumbly, but he found it hilarious. He tried it after me and was a lot better. 

At 6, we started walking down to the bus stop for my 6.20 bus. His dad was to meet him at the McDonalds directly beside that. We held hands walking down (and other times) and talked in the bus station before his Dad came and made awkward conversation. His dad went back out to the car and I went for it, then he was really sweet and yeah, imagine. He waited with me 'til the bus was leaving, we hugged and I got on.

I was actually ecstatic, not even kidding.

I kept one hand on the teddy the whole time. I saw girls from my school on the bus, which was helpful because I'd never taken that bus before. I spent the ride talking to this one girl, Jane, who's in my History class. We actually got on, which was really nice.

Then I had to go to Mass, bummer, but had my Valentines gift bag beside me which kept me very happy.

Best. Valentine's. Ever. 

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