Friday, 20 February 2015

Photo Friday #8: 16th Birthday

Photo Friday is a weekly event on this blog where I pick a photo that means something to me and talk about it. This week's photo is from my early 16th birthday party, attended by Ciarán and John Joe. Also, I'm totally cheating because this isn't just one photo.

These are just a selection of the photos from one of the best days of 2014. On the 9th of August, Ciarán, John Joe and Morgan came to a shopping centre near me to celebrate (heretofore known as "SH").

I had been pretty disheartened as everyone else cancelled, but in the end it didn't even matter. John Joe made a five hour train ride to come, Ciarán was waiting in SH and Morgan insisted on me driving him there. But still, I had a wonderful time and I think they did too. 

I think John Joe scared Morgan with his craziness, but that's to be expected as Morgan was the only non-CTYI person there and the others all knew each other. 

We wandered around SH and they gave me presents, just standard fare really, but it was only 8 days since CTYI had ended and it was so wonderful because in 2013 I never really stayed in touch with people from CTYI, but in 2014 it worked out so well.
We almost got kicked out of SH a few times because Ciarán was giving me piggybacks and John Joe was acting crazy (oops). After a while we went walking. We went to Eurogiant, Waterstones and got our faces painted in the art and hobby shop (so mature, I know).
But first, we went up onto the roof of the shopping centre. I didn't know that was even possible, but we just kept going up escalators and no one was there to stop us so we did. There was such a great view, which you can see in the second picture from the top. I took a picture of Ciarán sitting down looking contemplative (I do that a lot, it seems).

The third picture is one I particularly love. After the shopping, Mam collected us and we went back to my house. Moya and her friends Niamh and Elsa were there, and we had food. Me, Ciarán and John Joe then lay down on the trampoline in the blazing sun for ages and it was amazing. After that, Moya or Niamh called us over and we played Truth or Dare. Ciarán was asked who he likes and it soon became apparent that everyone was trying to set us up. He whispered it but I was pretty sure I was mentioned. I liked two people at the time, and he was one of them. (The other guy sorted himself out pretty soon after that). So that was cool.

Later, Ciarán's dad came to pick him up and he, John Joe and I ran down to the little woods down my road and sang Bohemian Rhapsody together. Magical. Eventually, Ciarán had to leave but you could tell his dad was shipping us so hard. 

John Joe slept over at my house two consecutive nights, and even came with me to my other birthday thing in Dublin (to see Cian), which Ciarán and Jerry were also at.

That was a really, really good birthday. 

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