Saturday, 27 June 2015

Dublin Pride

Hello! So, today I went into Dublin for a reunion with my CTYI friends and ended up going to Dublin Pride for the first time. It was great fun. This post has a ton of photos so I won't write much. 

So, Jerry was to meet me at the train station an hour before the reunion to hang out for a bit, but he was late so I went to my old, pre-Christmas research-lunch haunt - the Centra Westmoreland Row caf√©. We chatted on the way up to Stephen's Green to meet people, 'twas nice. I have a lovely photo of us but sadly he won't let me put it up so you'll have to make do with your imagination. 

We met up with lots of people, including Thomas and Gabi, at the arch. It's been ages since I've seen them, so that was great. John Joe, Steven, Fez (other Thomas) and Kat were there too. It feels like years since I've seen Kat, and months since Steven. 

How cute are we? Very.

Anyway, soon enough we headed to O' Connell Street for the pride parade. Unfortunately, John Joe and I lost everyone else and couldn't contact them, so we wandered up and down the parade for a while before giving in and joining it. Turns out they saw us and joined the parade (carrying the flag) too.

That was fun. We walked for ages all the way to Merrion Square carrying the flag. At one point some CTYI friends and I were carrying the whole back of the flag, very special. There was a great atmosphere. It was so exciting when we saw people, especially Ogden whose enthusiasm is contagious. 

There was a woman at the side handing out anti-gay leaflets and when she went to give one to me I leaned at her, slowly swept my arms out and sang "Gaaaaaaaaaaay" then walked on. Very satisfying.

I'm really proud of having taken that photo, it's great quality. Also, this was from earlier today but I love it:

The parade ended in Merrion Square where there was a festival vibe going on. We chilled for a while, met a lot of new people, took selfies, I got carried around (ily Jerry), listened to music, and danced. 

Sean said hi (well, called me a faggot, same thing right?) but really the big surprise was seeing him there. 

Kat and I danced a ton and were altogether very gay, it was lovely getting to know her. Here's me with Scott, whom Kat convinced to do a very interesting dance move.

Also saw this fabulous friend, and another of whom I sadly don't have a photo but who had the most amazing and intricate Edwardian dress ordered from Japan.

We eventually left, singing and dancing the whole way down the road, and went to Burger King as is the norm at CTYI reunions. It was a very joyful time, dancing with John Joe and linking with Jerry and Gabi. Jerry bought me chips as a surprise at Burger King because he's great.

After Burger King, we all gradually split up. John Joe, being the darling he is, walked me to Tara Street Station and waited with me for the train. Shoutout to John Joe for being great.

Shoutout also to the lovely Micaiah, who appeared very briefly at the end. 

On the train home, I had a nice chat to this random seventeen-year-old guy also on his way home from Pride. I was reading The Devil Wears Prada and we very enthusiastically discussed it. I love friendly people on public transport. 

So yeah - my first Pride was a great experience, but then Reunions always are. I'm definitely missing out on details but in my defence I'm tired. Anyway, enjoy.

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