Friday, 26 June 2015

Summer Exam Results

It's been an exciting and tiring week, so in this post I'm just going to discuss the exam results I got in my school end-of-year report. Gotta be boring sometimes. I might mention teacher comments but I won't name names in case people somehow get offended. 


This report was a lot better than February's. In February I got straight Bs (and a C in PE). Then there was a parent-teacher meeting where the teachers knew me alarmingly well and had copped that I was just getting by on natural talent instead of studying. So I studied a good bit from then on, but only for the subjects I love (Physics and Chemistry) and a bit for one I abhor but must do (History). Here are the results. I'll do them in descending order. 

Physics: A1

I was delighted with this result, but to be fair I was expecting it since I answered every single question on the paper, when you're only supposed to answer about half of them. I love the class. The teacher's comments, apart from saying that I'm lovely to have in the class (cheers), said that my frequent absences (for research) are affecting my work. I got an A1! Come on, give credit. I'm also quite offended that I only got a "Good" in the Behaviour column, as opposed to "Excellent" or "Very Good". What exactly did I do? Surely you can't call going on question tangents bad behaviour. 

Chemistry: A1

Same with Physics above, I answered all the questions except one very tiny one about the anion tests, which I hate and find impossible to keep straight in my head. Again, love the class and subject. Very glad to have the A1. Excellent Behaviour and Effort, woot. 

History: A2 (86%)

Wow, the studying trend really is showing. I thought I'd done pretty well in History, so the A is nice. I do need to work on the research project, and I'd like to push it up to an A1. Then again, that would require paying attention in History, which is soul-destroying.

English: A2 (85%)

We didn't actually have an English exam, so this was based on the creative writing thing we had to turn in as what should've been a small portion of the mark, plus maybe some work throughout the year. This was a bummer because I do well in exams and I hadn't really tried hard on much of the coursework, so I'm confident I can do better than this in a real exam. Then again, the awful thing about subjects like English and History is the subjectivity of the marking. Generic but positive teacher comment.

Irish: B1 (84%)

Just 1% away from the A! I only studied for this on the morning before, so if I improve my study habits for 6th Year I can probably pull off an A. But that's a big if. Nice teacher comment but I feel like he doesn't want me to miss any more class for research.

Maths: B1 (80%)

Just scraped the B+ but I'm really delighted, I had been bracing myself for a D or something. I felt like the exam had gone really badly (I couldn't get the clarity I usually have) and in fairness it's HL Maths. Teacher comment says "An excellent result, well done", and I really appreciate it. I have to pull off the HL Maths A1 in my actual LC, but this is pretty good for fifth year. Very encouraging, I like it.


This isn't a real subject but I guess you get graded for effort. This went up from a C in February, and I'm happy with the B in PE. 

French: B2

This is my lowest grade, but I think I have an excuse in that I did large portions of it in the car on the way home and in my bedroom rather than in a quiet exam hall, since that's the day a teacher in the school died. Also, I didn't do French homework that whole year. I'm amazed she gave me good teacher comments. I do feel kinda bad about it, but she gives homework in such a rapid stream that my brain just shuts off after the first thing in protest. 


This is a nice school report. It's funny to think how devastated I would've been with it in first year, when I got 10 A1s and 2 A2s and was so upset about the A2s. Since other people seem to think about points all the time, it adds up to 575 points. 

Which is definitely a good start. And hopefully it'll make teachers give me a bit of leeway when I leave class to do things that are important for my future. 

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