Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Summery School

I'm in school today helping the younger kids with their Young Scientist projects. I've been here about six hours so far and it's been fun. So far I've done an experiment in a dark room with Niamh, done bark tracings with Charley and indiscriminately lent around my iPad for people to use Internet on. It's been a really good and productive day, and I think everyone must be sitting watching their emails because I've actually got replies from five separate people today, four of them academics. Anyway, at one point I went for a nature walk in the school and took lots of pictures, so here they are. My school grounds are very pretty. 

(Written Wednesday, posting Thursday). iPad just deleted the whole post when it was ready to publish, sigh. 

Let's start with the river. 

Complete with heavenly ray of light. I think it's awesome that our school borders a river, although we never go down there. Look at the sky and river colours, they're gorgeous. Summer in Ireland at last. 

Have some flowers now, curated by our gardener Ron.

Usually Ron takes classes of students for nature walks when they're in first year. He knows a ton about all the plants. Now, some assorted landmarks.

Pretty, right? We're lucky to have these school grounds. The Parents Council have put in a lot of nice features too. 

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