Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Onesie Reunion!

I've just returned from the Easter Onesie Reunion, where I had a wonderful time. As usual, I'm going to go through this chronologically. I have a ton of photos - exciting! 

So, I got the half nine train to Pearse. There were two beautiful tourists on the train who I talked to shortly before getting off. At Pearse, Jerry picked me up. He had a gunbrella he'd modified, so that when you pulled the trigger the umbrella shot open. It was pretty cool, though he was mad at me which was less fun. Anyway, we wandered for a bit until we found Dáire (who was amazed I haven't had a Pop Tart), then Fez arrived, then everyone started arriving around twelve.
This photo is from later on in the day, but it shows Dáire being spectacular, and I think that's something we should all start our posts off with. 
There were a lot of Session 1 people at this reunion, and so I met and got to know loads of new people - which I'll get to later. I was of course pining for my wife, Bridget, and our reunion was great (and loud). 

Wife. Look, just because she's pretty and I'm not doesn't mean we can't be wives.

Another loud thing was when Gabi and I started singing Bohemian Rhapsody to each other, getting to 

Beelzebub has a devil set aside for meee
for meee

with everyone joining in on the high "me". That was pretty great. I think one of my favourite things about CTYIzens is how willing they are to run with things - you won't get blank stares when you make a bad joke or bring up a weird conversational topic, they'll just spin it and keep the joke going, and that fast adaptation is fantastic. 

Me, Nitai, Gabi.
Photo by Gabi.

I drifted in and out of groups, as I do, mostly between Jerry, Micaiah, Gabi, Bridget, James, Dáire and Fez. I think people have accepted that I do this by now. Anyway, around 1 I convinced some people to go to Burger King and then we all went. There were a ton of people at this reunion and we didn't split into small groups as usual, so there were like 20 of us at the Burger King.

I had large fries and sat opposite Jerry and Julie. Some dude also shared his birthday cake, which was cool. A non-CTYI girl who's nevertheless pretty cool, Ellen, came by. She's inhumanly pretty.
Look! How is that fair? There's also Steven and Mo, both in awesome onesies. 
After Burger King, we went back to the Rock Garden, where most or all of my photos are from. This is us in the Rock Garden, for the curious:
From back left: Jamie, Bridget, someone, Owen, Dylan, Dáire, Kevin, Ellen.
We had lots of craic in the Rock Garden, since we were there a long time. There were two games of "Pass the Elle" (which I love), I corrected Kevin on the Lucas sequence, Gabi, Ellen and I went to the shop and I got the suss, I wrote out a poem for Fez... 

I started talking to Scott, who's awesome. He climbed a tree and I yelled not to copulate with the tree, which made sense in context. I then joined him in the tree. It turns out that high up in a tree is a great place for bonding.There was a lot of gay, as always, and tons of hugging because c'mon, why not? The hugs were even better because of the onesies. Okay, enough of the cringe.
From back left: Steven, um, me, Liam, Mo, um, Oz, Jerry.
Micaiah also gave me a makeover, which was interesting because I never wear makeup (it takes so long!). I looked pretty afterwards apparently. I also had a long-overdue catch-up with Micaiah, and there are too many hyphens in that sentence.

That's me with eye and lip makeup, nothing on the rest of my face.

Micaiah did art on other people too, and gave Ellen a makeover (I protested, because she's beautiful enough already). 

Pictured: Unfairness.
There are so many photos from the Rock Garden, and I love all of them. This one looks like the four of us are in deep discussion, which is cool. I talked quite a lot to Gabi today, which I don't usually do.
Gabi, me, Micaiah, Ellen.
Oh, Fez.
Jerry disappeared to go get lunch around three, and I flitted around and had lots of interesting conversations. I hit it off really well with Scott, he's cool.
Scott in the trash where he belongs, with Overlord Gabi guarding watchfully. JK.
Me, Gabi, Anita, Oz, Liam. Yes, I have "Liam" written on my forehead and look deranged. 
We eventually left the Rock Garden and went to get ice-cream in Murphy's, where this beautiful photo was taken a few weeks ago: 

Jerry shared the Caramel part of his Caramel & Strawberry ice-cream with me, and Ellen showed us the language she invented. Everyone left after that: Micaiah, Jerry, Fez and many others went off together to Paddy's birthday party; we dropped Ellen off on the Luas; the rest of us went to Apache Pizza, as is traditional.

(I apologise for those semicolons.)

The pizza was pretty cool, and Eoin agreed to walk me to a train station. As it turned out, everyone was leaving around then anyway so we all went together but it was still lovely of him to offer. Eoin also waited with me to make sure I didn't miss my train, and since he doesn't like hugs we shook hands. 

I successfully boarded my train around 19.15, and all was well. 

All photos were taken by either Anita of or were selfies.

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