Friday, 17 April 2015

Photo Friday #12: New House!

So I was planning a photo Friday about CTYI, but that was before I found out we were moving house in Dad's today. So here are some new photos taken on my shattered iPod, letting you see what I saw in the exact same order. 

Okay, so the first thing I discovered was that it's actually a caravan. Unlike my sister, I don't actually mind - it's really cute and has free wifi, so it has everything I need really.  Plus it's even nearer the sea than my normal house.  

That's the view from the sitting room. From the front:

This is the kitchen, which is small but has a big fridge and snazzy microwave. 

Here's the sitting room, which I like. It's cute. I can't get a great photo of the soft light in here though. 

Moya insisted on having a photo taken. Moving on. Brothers' room. 

Moya is now modelling the house, it seems. Here's Dad's room.

  Finally, the room Moya and I will share. It's pretty tiny but the pink is cute and I like the various compartments and details.  

There's also a bathroom but its pretty standard. So there you go, that's Dad's new home and our new weekend house. It's pretty cool. 

The caravan is also right next to the village shop, which is handy. 

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