Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Interview with A Zimbabwean/South African Who Thinks She's a Queen

This is part three of World Week on the blog. On Day 1 I talked about annoying misconceptions tourists have about Ireland, and on Day 2 I interviewed Vanessa, who lives in Canada and talked about blizzards and maple syrup. Today there's an interview with Blessing, who has lived in South Africa and Zimbabwe and sits beside me in several classes. Hello!

What countries have you and/or your family lived in, and for how long?

Zimbabwe, South Africa and Ireland. It's complicated. Some time in Zimbabwe, moved to South Africa, back to Zimbabwe, then a month in South Africa, then here.

How often do you visit South Africa/Zimbabwe?

I haven't since I moved here.

What do you like about Zimbabwe? About South Africa?

The people are nice. The food is more tasty. I like the culture and languages. The weather is good all year round.

What do you dislike?

The frenemies.

Both of those countries are full of frenemies?


Why did you move to Ireland?

I don't know, my mother was here before me.

What are the similarities and differences between Ireland, South Africa and Zimbabwe?

The weather's different. 

What languages do you speak?

English, Zulu and Ndebele fluently. 

I was so psyched about all the languages she speaks when I found out, to be honest. Blessing then had to disappear because she has such a busy and fabulous life, but there you go. Hope that was informative. 

Blessing, who asked that I title this post "Lil chat with the Zim/South African boss as Queen". Sorry xo

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