Thursday, 23 April 2015

Interview with an American

This is part 5 of World Week. Previously, I've talked about stupid misconceptions tourists have about Ireland and interviewed people from Canada, Zimbabwe and Australia, covering three continents. This is an interview with a woman who lives in the USA, who happens to be my aunt. Let's go!

It's close enough.
What countries have you lived in?

Ireland and America.

Why did you move?


How often do you visit Ireland?

Once or twice a year.

What do you like about America?

I had a friend once and when I asked him that he said "the free refills" and of course I too like free refills. In restaurants, you get to refill your soda/coffee free. But on a more practical level there's a number of things. There is usually parking everywhere you go. You feel very safe as where I live there is very little crime. The sky is always blue! Even in the middle of a New England winter you look up and the sky is blue and the sun shines! I like that. [I like] the amazing schools my grandchildren attend, and the politeness of people in general.

What do you dislike about America?

I miss the conversation of Irish people and the easy way of making fun. People here talk about food all the time and it bores me. I also don't like the lack of social security networks for the poor. People here have a harder attitude towards people down on their luck than we do in Europe. 

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I would like to live 6 months on Cape Cod and 6 months in Ireland.

What would you change about America?

I would make everyone stop talking about different recipes all the time! Also, I'd like to make them more aware of other countries, as a lot of Americans seem to think the rest of the world have poorer lifestyles than they do and this is not actually true. The rich here are richer but the poor are much poorer. 

What are the differences and similarities between America and Ireland?

Irish people are much more aware of current affairs, they read newspapers and listen to the news more. Americans have Fox News for the Republicans and MSNBC for the Democrats and so they don't actually hear opposing viewpoints on many subjects. Americans have much healthier lifestyles, they do not drink as much as Irish people and go to bed and get up much earlier. 

What do you think of the two-party system? Would you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat or neither?

I dislike the two party system immensely! I would consider myself a democrat.

Favourite president of all time?

Lincoln but I am fond of Obama.

Do you consider yourself American, Irish or a mixture of both?

I consider myself Irish.

Are there many people where you live?

There are not too many people from Ireland here in Rhode Island sadly. 

Thanks, Anne!

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