Friday, 3 April 2015

March Review

And I'm back again, a week later! My internet should be reasonably secure now, and I'll tell you the story of my tragic internet loss tomorrow. 

So now, a review of March. 

March has been a pretty busy month, though top-heavy. The first week was really great, with BT Business Bootcamp from Sunday to Thursday - and a school careers day, a double sleepover at Ciarán’s playing games with Seán and Ciarán, meeting Jerry and having a CTYI reunion brought me through to the following Sunday morning.

Things then abruptly calmed down. There was quite a bit going on in school, though nothing too stressful. There was the total solar eclipse and school’s Musathon.

That was Friday night, then on Saturday I went around with Jerry for a bit, had a CTYI reunion in Burger King (seeing Dáire was pretty cool, and Joe – two Nevermores I hadn’t seen in a while) and met up with Ciarán. We were greatly obstructed by stupid water charge protestors with badly-spelled signs, but eventually found a bus and bought Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds for Seán and watched Bo’s “what.” at Sean’s house with Kevin. I got Chinese at Ciarán’s, then his dad dropped me to the train station. I then managed to get stuck in a train station halfway along the route for an hour, woot.

I finally sent that poster to AJ. I would’ve sent it earlier, probably, except that for the past 6 weeks I’ve been living without internet and it sucks. Like, a lot. I rely on the internet, so I had to keep bringing my laptop into school every day. Oh well, it’s not like my reputation can get any nerdier.

Also, Moya (sister) found out she qualified for this Scouts adventure camp in Kerry. It’s all extreme physical exertion (10 mile run before breakfast!) and I’d hate it, but I’m glad she’s excited.

I’ve been getting on well with friends in school and classes have been interesting. I got 100% in some Physics and Chemistry tests, and 84% in Maths (hey, look, it’s HL maths and it’s improving). We did a Maths test the day before the Easter holidays and I think that went well but I very frustratingly didn’t find the teacher fast enough to get the result back, and now I have to wait 2 weeks.

Last class before we got off for Easter, we had this big event to close the school’s annual fundraiser, and Rua (our band since Featuring X graduated) played a few songs.

Anyway, here are links to almost everything I’ve mentioned, and probably some I haven’t. 

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