Saturday, 25 April 2015

Photo Friday #13: Youth Media Awards Ceremony

So, I left school before 12 today (after my Chemistry group blew up a test tube and nearly set a textbook on fire) to go to the Awards Ceremony. They run a (bi-annual?) competition where you create a media piece (poster, video, newspaper article or audio) about one of the themes. The deadline this year was 4th March 2015, and I wrote my article on the theme "The Effects of Alcohol on the Family" (You can find the article here or on the website when it goes up).

During the Easter holidays from school, I got a phone call from an unknown number. I answered, sure it was a prank caller, and they asked my name and then said I'd won the 15-17 age category for my article and thus won an iPad mini, and was invited to an Awards Ceremony in Dublin on Friday the 24th of April. I was pretty chuffed.

So that's the background.

The Awards were in the Department of Education, so Mam and I got the bus up there (miraculously didn't get lost). I chatted a bit to a fellow 5th Year who won his age category in the audio section and was there with his teacher before the ceremony started.

There were various speakers and politicians there, people from the Ana Liffey Dug Project (including Nicki, who ran the event), and this guy, who's a Minister with a self-confessed really long job title:

Blurry photo, thanks to battered iPod.

After the speeches, they went onto giving out the prizes. Everyone went up and got a big certificate and an iPad. I'm sure there's a photo of me getting mine somewhere, so I'll post that when it gets onto the internet. It was nice. The announcer for my section works at The Irish Times (where I've done work experience) which was pretty cool, and he said he was impressed by the research and references in my article. That was good to hear, but research and references are second nature to me by now.

They showed the video entries, which were the best section (which makes sense, since they require so much more effort). My favourite was that of Blaze Youth Club, which was a bit cringe but fun to watch:

Fine then, refuse to fit on the page. I also liked this one, by St. Leo's: 

Also, I just learned how to embed videos. I'm proud.

Then the overall winner was announced as Blaze Youth Club, so they got the €2000. I predicted they'd win. Fair enough, I guess - they obviously put a lot of effort in, and I still got an iPad. Then there was food!

The catering had some of my favourite food - spring rolls. Sausage pastry-things are my favourites, but spring rolls are pretty damn good too. I also had juice and some dip, and it was cool. Would've been ironic if they served alcohol.

Then we got some photos before leaving the Dept. of Education and Skills campus. This is a picture Mam took of me and that boy I was talking to. I don't actually know his name.

We then went into this curio shop, which Mam is a big fan of. Found a magazine that looks really old, with the Queen while she was still a Princess.

A typewriter, for all the hipsters in the audience: 

Me haunting a creepy mirror, holding my certificate:

Assorted trinkets:

Both of us were exhausted on the bus home, which is why when I keep saying "today" it's a lie, because I'm actually writing this on Saturday and posting it to Friday's space.

The iPad is very nice, and I can finally download things that require more than iOS 6.

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