Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My Top 15 Favourite Songs

Here's a nice relaxing post about my favourite songs, so that I don't have to worry about the blog for today and can instead focus on the conference tomorrow and the next day. here's hoping I don't get lost or be late or screw up somehow. 

Have a non-exhaustive list of my favourite songs, all with embedded videos. I'm truly a tech whiz now. 


15. Oopsy Daisy by Chipmunk

This one just makes the list for nostalgia, because it reminds me of our holiday in Wexford when my sister and I had Now 74 and constantly sang this and another song that appears nearer the top of the list. I always made her do the rap while I sang. Poor thing.

14. Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan

Not too much to say about this one, just that it's a wonderful mix of sounds and I love the rhyming scheme and cadence of it. 

13. Just Give Me a Reason - cover by Sam Tsui and Kylee 

This is a great song, so shoutout to P!nk, but in this cover Sam and Kylee's voices are absolutely incredible. I'm in awe when they hit the high note on "We'll come clean."

12. Becky from the Block by Becky G

I've been really enjoying this song but only recently, so it feels disingenuous to rank it higher. Very fun song.

11. Remedy by Little Boots 

This is an amazing dance song, and I love how powerful Little Boots' voice is when she's belting. Great to get me pumped up. Best when played loud.

10. Nice Guys by Jimmy Wong and Landon Austin (cover)

This song is pretty funny as it stands, but these guys sing it amazingly. Just fabulous.

9. Call Your Girlfriend by Michelle Chamuel (cover)

This woman has a seriously powerful voice, and the song is amazing.

8. Somebody Told Me by The Killers
7. Mr. Brightside by The Killers

Somebody Told Me is just a great song, but Mr. Brightside has a ton of sentimental value to me. For me and my first boyfriend, it was "our song", and then it was my CTYI song. It would've placed higher on the list were it not for the fact that I've overplayed it and am now sick of it unless it's played on the radio or during a CTYI disco. Also, once I was on a bus with the school choir to Galway and wow I never realised how dirty this song is until the moment I was standing beside the teacher belting "HE TAKES OFF HER DRESS NOW".

It's really hard to rank these.

6. The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang

This song, especially the video, is really weird, but it's another CTYI song and it's incredibly fun. Very sexual though, in a comedic way. Love.

5. Gay Bar - Electric Six

Another CTYI song, also quite sexual but not, this one is brilliant to dance to in the disco, especially with a close girl-friend. (I'm looking at you, Bridget.) I haven't watched the full video, but even from the thumbnail it looks really weird so be warned. Hot damn that riff, I can't stay still with it. 

4. You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol

I loved this song for ages, wrote quotes from it on my arm and always imagined I'd say that to my first boyfriend if we broke up. That is not how it happened, needless to say. Still a beautiful song though, with an equally beautiful video. 

I shouldn't have spread this post over two days, honestly, because I've forgotten half the ones I meant to put down. Crap. 

3. Most songs by Pentatonix 

Pentatonix are just amazing, honestly. Here's one example.

2. Most things by Taylor Swift

It's really hard to pick examples for Taylor because she has so many great songs, but some I really like (usually the old ones) are Girl at Home, Invisible, Stay Beautiful, Begin Again and Back to December. She has such a range, covering every romantic issue plausible. And Girl at Home is so underrated. 

1. Next Best Thing by Sam Tsui

I was introduced to this song by Jerry of the haikus. At the time it was personally relevant so I really got my feelings out through the song, but it's still an amazing song and my very favourite song at the moment. 

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