Sunday, 9 August 2015

Outbox Day 1: Sunday

Yo. I'm having fun with my roommates Gabi and Grace so I'll be brief. 

This is my first day at Outbox. Dad dropped me to the airport this morning so I entered the building and did everything myself. There was a disaster with checkin but the staff woman was great and sorted it out in the nick of time. I then found Christine and stayed with her and her parents for a bit before we left for the gate. We got through security and everything fine, then queued at the gate. I had priority boarding and for some reason Christine didn't, which was funny although I felt bad about it. We sat together on the plane and thought about business ideas. She also gave me my birthday present, the most amazingly decorated mixtape. It was adorable, I'll post photos tomorrow. 

We got off after a fifty-minute flight at Gatwick and were met by Jess the Stemette. We met up with the other girls on our flight and waited ages for the car - bonding time! It was fun. 

The car journey was really long to the top-secret location we're not allowed to geotag. I alternately chatted and read Temeraire: Throne of Jade. 

We were given a house tour by some of the girls, then settled in for the bants and had some food. We bonded a bit in the garden ... I'll describe this better tomorrow, I promise. Hopefully I'll have a working laptop by then.  

We watched half of The Imitation Game, Periscoped and read bad fanfiction. Twas fun. 

I've been chilling in my room for a while now talking to Grace and Gabi. More tomorrow. 

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