Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Outbox Day 3: My Birthday

I'm writing this in the afternoon on Day 4. Sorry about the backlog.

Anyway, yesterday was my seventeenth birthday. As I wrote yesterday, lots of Outbox execs came into my room at midnight to sing happy birthday, which was really nice and probably the high point of my birthday.

I'm not sure what session we had in the morning. I couldn't eat anything there was for lunch so I just got stuff from the pantry. For the second session, we learned some code. It was HTML & CSS and we made a webpage. It was pretty fun but would've been better if we'd gone faster, since I've already done a course in HTML & CSS so I would've preferred refresher pace. I did the HTML part and just went down to the chillout room where people were watching Pretty Little Liars during CSS. This wasn't great, since CSS was what I really needed to brush up on.

While I was down there, someone came and announced that there was cake for someone's birthday ("I wonder who!") so we all ran upstairs to the kitchen. They brought in a really cool cake plus lots of Swiss Roll while people sang Happy Birthday, then I blew out the four candles and cut the cake.

After we all had same, there was a group meeting in which Anne-Marie gave us some details on Demo Day on Saturday. There's lots of secrecy and things we have to keep away from the press until then. It's interesting, but odd.

Finally, names were pulled out of a hat to see who got to cook that night's dinner with Emma. I and nine others were chosen to make spag bol. I peeled and chopped carrots and people chopped so many onions it really hurt my eyes. People gave out about my chopping so it wasn't much fun. I popped back in every so often to help with bits and ended up doing such delightful activities as digging through and changing bins. We delivered the food about two hours late, tasting grand.

I Facebooked Jason and Cian and went up to my room around half ten. Gabi and Grace got their hands on my laptop and tablet and texted my friends (cyberbullying). It was meh. They also messaged one person I really did not want to have messaged at that point.

I had to sit outside in the hall to charge my stuff.

It was an alright birthday. Thanks to everyone who messaged me or posted on Facebook from home saying happy birthday.

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