Saturday, 22 August 2015

Outbox Days 12 and 13 (Thursday and Friday)


I woke up in Amy's bed on Thursday morning and discovered that (a) I sleep diagonally (b) she did really well in her GCSEs. I went down to the first session (on crowdfunding) with to-do list in hand, determined to be productive. I did pay some attention to the session though, and it was very interesting. I think my favourite moment was when a group had to pitch the invisibility cloak and used Gabi (who wasn't in the room) - "This is Gabi wearing our invisibility cloak". Crowd Cube, the crowdfunding company, seemed really cool, and the woman spoke well.

It was really hot outside (although it was even hotter yesterday, at 24 C - but time is all blending together).

I didn't go to the viral marketing session with someone from AirBnB although I'm sure it was great - I'm not really sure what I was doing, I think I felt sick and was probably hanging out in Room 9. Amy helped me with Python.

The only other thing I remember from Thursday was the  surprise party for Lucy, a departing Stemette. We played a lot of party games (beatmaster was fun) and Gabi introduced Werewolf to Outbox (you never realise how bewildering the rules are until you have to explain them to someone else). 

I ate many, many ice-creams that day because the Stemettes still haven't given back our food from the pantry.


We slept in Room 9 again Thursday night but this time I had a bed to myself. We woke up and just had a long chat about, among other things, why England should give back the Falklands. That became a recurring theme throughout the day. Amy came back in the late morning.

We went down, outraged, when we discovered they hadn't informed us of lunch and so we'd missed it. Most people made waffles; I sat on the ground and ate cereal out of the packet, and then Gabi and Milly made me a wrap. We went outside in the 24 C heat (which to me might as well have been 34 C) and did some ukulele, probably.

We went to the Current Affairs/Financial Times reading session and ending up having an interesting discussion and dissing America a lot. Everyone was so articulate, it was great. I also had a fun time bringing up British colonialism in a room full of English and Irish people. Even so, this was a more favourable session for DeutscheBank.

Chloe asks that I mention "Sweet Memes are Made of Bees", the lyrics to which are:

Sweet memes are made of bees
Who am I to diss a bee
I travelled the world with the seven bees
Everybody's looking for some memes.

The Science Rocks twins smashed a melon outside for some reason.

The Stemettes told us to tidy our rooms if we wanted our sweets back, so all of Room 7 just packed since we're leaving Sunday. No sweets yet though.

In the evening, we had pizza, Ben & Jerry's ice-cream and taught the English people some Irish dancing. We did An Dreoilín ad Siege of Ennis and taught the English how to do Walls of Limerick, which is my favourite.

Ciara slept over in our room last night, which was lovely. We watched GBF (Gay Best Friend), a fantastic movie, and hung out together. I'm officially declaring Ciara part of the Room 7 squad right now. When not watching the movie, I made some pretty particle physics notes. 

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