Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Outbox Day 2

Yesterday was my first full day at Outbox. I got up with Gabi and Grace around half eight and used the house's awesome Alberto Balsam shampoo (why is this relevant? Because I have decided you all need to know about my love for pink Alberto Balsam). I had Coco Pops from the kitchen on our floor, then we went down for our first session at 10 a.m.

The first presentation was given by a woman who works for Cloud Sherpas (there's another of those today, called Kerry Townsend). She talked about projections, estimation and cats. It was pretty interesting.

After that it was lunchtime. We worked on our business projects for a bit, went out to practise doing elevator pitches (it was really cool hearing about everyone's ideas) and then had lunch. Lunch was actually really nice - buffet style again, with croutons (my fave), savoury crisps, bread, fruit, couscous and more.

Our next session was a long one, with Mark Quirk who founded Reach Remarkable. He worked in Microsoft for about twenty years, which is pretty cool. He said presenting here was like presenting at Microsoft because everyone is on their laptops. I'm going to choose to take that as a compliment even though it really isn't. He talked about meditation, goal-setting, athlete mentality and mindfulness.

I'm not entirely sure what we did after that - I think a lot of people went for a rest or some food. Ciara, Christine, Ellie and I went and made tea and had it in my room with Gabi and Grace. We had an interesting conversation about the health system, gene editing and disabilities while drinking tea.

Around seven we went down to say hi to Lavinia from Salesforce (Outbox sponsors), who brought us pizza. We then watched Coco before Chanel and I got comfy with my bae Gabi.

At one point I left to get a charger and found Ciara and Martha sprawled on the stairs and hung out with them for a bit. Later I got my ukulele from my room and we had a jam session. Turns out Ciara can play ukulele. I informed her that if she wants to equal Jason's triple Grade 8s she'll need to get one in singing too. One of the Stemettes made us stop jamming to Ho Hey so we went into the office and continued. Ciara performed a song she'd written, that was cool, then I did my three-song medley, then Christine did her cool twinkly song. We're still trying to convince Gabi to play for us.

We were about to go up to the room but then I played Don't Stop Believing and we had an epic jam session, which the Stemettes filmed. Christine, Gabi, Ciara and I helped clean up the room while dancing, which was a lot of fun. The Stemettes then got us to replay I'm Yours (Ciara) and Don't Stop Believing (me) so they could film it. It was so great.

Gabi and I went back to our room, then I went and found a little party on the staircase and chilled there for a bit. I went back to my room and my lovely roommates sang me Happy Birthday at midnight, and then Ciara and Martha and more burst into my room to join in. I walked out and found about twenty of them waiting outside singing it in, consecutively, English, Irish, French and German. It was adorable.

The Stemettes made us go back to our rooms, so then I chatted with Gabi and Grace for a bit more and went to sleep. Shoutout to my roommates for staying up.

It was a really lovely evening.

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