Sunday, 2 August 2015

CTYI: Ending

I didn't blog about Tuesday and Wednesday at CTYI because my iPad charger was stolen on Tuesday, and then I was too sad the other days. So here's my attempt to cover the last few days. I'll do a reflection and/or highlights post later.


I only really remember Activities and Study from Tuesday. Also doing the Prisoners Dilemma, but I'm not sure why day that was. Jason did not agree with my choices in the dilemma at all. I did Werewolf/Ninja/Mafia for Activities just because my friends were, but actually had a wonderful time because Jason is an incredible God (role in Werewolf). I was so impressed at how he made it into a performance and had such charisma. Pleasantly surprised, to say the least. 

Here's  our group. Jason is standing, and you can see my drink, bag and labcoat. Daire is doing the thing with his arm for some reason. It was actually sunny for once. Jason got more authoritative in the Labcoat. 

During study the Philosophy class had our debate with the Law class. They effectively whittled down the motion so they won automatically, and made up a lot about what religion is. The TAs said they couldn't decide on a winner. Meh. 

Jerry took my ukulele during study. He's not even in our class, he just appears there. 

My charger was stolen Tuesday. I didn't really enjoy Monday and Tuesday as much as usual, to be honest. 


The second last day. Time at CTYI is so full and yet moves terrifyingly fast. 

We talked about environmental ethics in Philosophy. Someone had this really cool pirate chest for Pirate Wednesday. 

There was no space in the activity we wanted to do, so we did Appreciation Appreciation. There were barely any people there so it was really nice. We watched HISHE, Honest Trailers and Mental Floss (actually learned a lot) and I hung in the corner on the floor with Jason reading his book. 

Everyone kept throwing coppers at Jason. It took him so long to realise. 

After Activities they showed the slideshow of photos we'd sent in. Quite a few of mine made it in. It was a pretty decent slideshow, but alarmingly meme-themed. 

In Study we filled out 10-page tick-box surveys about academics and our social life that were horrifically repetitive. Two of the pages asked the same two questions over and over with very slight differences in phrasing. We also wrote notes to each other. 

Ultimate Social Time was pretty nice. Mostly spent sitting on the ground outside writing notes, and hanging with Cian. He's great. I have no photos because my iPad was dead. At the very end, as I was signing out, Jason came over and played violin. It was great. 


The last full day. I think we covered aesthetics and sacredness in Phikosophy, then got to ask Fiachra whatever we wanted. Turns out he's a film buff. Oscar illegally lifting Jason:

Illegally by RA standards, that is. 

Catherine did a singsong during Ultimate Packing. Apart from that, I hung around the quad with different people (mostly Cian, Jason, Oscar and Kevin) and signed things. 

Cian in the Labcoat. Jason tried to catch my Maoms in his mouth a lot and failed miserably. 

A girl in my RA group got a cake for her 16th birthday but I didn't have any as I had to change for the closing ceremony and disco. Happy birthday to her. 

We cheered a lot at the Closing Ceremony - it was by far the rowdiest one I've ever heard. Body of Christ, Sports Sports Sports, All Star ... Everything was out in full force. We also cheered for each other. People were chanting my name when I went down to get my cert. We chanted/screamed plenty - there were a lot of legendary people this year. 

The disco and candlelit ceremony were memorable, wonderful and very emotional moments. Also quite personal, and I don't think I can express how much they meant to me here. I passed on my labcoat to the fabulous Amy Nelson, may she wear it well. 

I slept awfully that night. Emotions running high. 


I hurriedly packed in the morning and we went to the Passionfruit Ceremony and made speeches about what CTYI meant to us. We then worked together to dismantle the amazing Snapple tower. After that, we all hung out together in the Quad signing notes. We saw Jason off to his dad after he played my favourite, hung out some more (mostly with Cian), then chilled with Fiachra in the canteen. I read some of my notes after 12 and texted Jason. So emotional. 

Here's a picture of me with Colm, the director of the programme. He's lovely. 

Daniel, Lisa, Eoin, Jerry, Chloe and Daniel helped me carry all my bags to the stone circle, then Daniel brought Chloe and I for coffee with his mother. It was lovely. He then dropped Chloe to her bus stop and me to Connolly. That boy is amazing. 

I did cry in the train station. I'll be seeing people this week for my birthday, do that's something at least. Reflection tomorrow. For now: so long, and thanks for all the fish. 



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