Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Outbox Day 9: Monday

I'm writing this on Tuesday evening because I'm terrible. When will I write the Tuesday post? Only the blog gods know. The blods.

We woke up at 9.53, seven minutes before we were supposed to be downstairs for the session to begin. I had a quick Muller Corner for breakfast (they restocked the pantry on Sunday, life is good) and then we ran down. We had two great sessions yesterday, I really enjoyed them. It also felt insanely hot (19 C according to the internet, but absolutely scorching in that garden). We had our first session outside. It was about UI and accessibility and involved redesigning popular sites and apps. I met a cool newbie with a beautiful name - Noor.

During lunch we played the name game for the newbies (mine is trash now thanks to darling Gabi) and then had another session. This one was also really cool. The visitor taught us how to develop a business plan and also said she could set me up with people, so that was awesome. I'm going to follow up with her, she was cool.

I video called Cian in the afternoon (that boy is great) and took photos of all the food in the pantry (shown here is just a small fraction). But the real fun happened in the evening.

Ciara, Gabi, Chloe and I were gathered around a table after dinner eating various fruits (Ciara got very upset over the thickness of the melon skin), and I was in the midst of an intense conversation with Jason with quite important results (in a silly teenage way). So it was lucky that the most amazing tunes started blasting, like Mr. Brightside and Don't Stop Me Now. We had a huge rock-out to them, climbing on the chairs and tables and stuff and just having a ball. It was a lot of fun.

We briefly said hi to people on Skype, then went up to our room and the three of us plus Ciara hung out for a while. Loads of people burst in at midnight with the most amazing cake, it was so funny but quite adorable.

We sang happy birthday, and that is as far as I can go under Monday.

See y'all tomorrow.

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