Thursday, 13 August 2015

Outbox Days 4 and 5

I don't want to write a whole post about yesterday, so I'm combining them. The main things that happened yesterday were:

(a) I finally decided what I'm going to pitch on Demo Day on Saturday - Flaxim. I would link you to its website, but that's still very much under development. Flaxim aims to make allergies safer, and is inspired by my little brother and a girl in my school, both with severe allergies.

(b) A makeup artist called Jo came to the Outbox house and gave us makeup tutorials. As Elizabeth put it, at Outbox we were learning STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Makeup. I was texting Jason at the same time so I just drew some hearts and stuff on my face and, on his instructions, wrote "I am beautiful" on my forehead. Because why not. Millie and Cliona came out looking hilarious and Ciara looked like something out of a horror film (The Grudge, I think).

(c) We (Christine, Gabi, Ellora, Cliona, Grace, Ellie, I, Milly, Amy, later Edel, Beth, Molly and more) had an amazing jam session in Room 9. We really went for all the songs, which included Mr. Brightside, All Star, Taylor Swift, Riptide (of course that had to happen when I got the ukulele), Someone Like You, Single Ladies and many, many more. As the night went on we ended up pretty much screaming the lyrics because our voices were going. It was amazing fun but it got really hot in there. Such banter #theriseofnine.

(d) We all stayed up until one to go watch the meteor shower (Perseids, I think). Unfortunately, we couldn't see anything due to light pollution in London.

Then, today:

(a) I came up with a logo for Flaxim. I'm really not working fast enough - as I write this, there's only one full day left before Demo Day. It's difficult to get things clear in my head.

(b) One of the Outbox interns gave us the presentation they show at MIT Launch to teach you how to pitch to investors. It was funny because this girl did it last year with JuBo and Ciara did it this year with PurchaseMate (with team for both of them, because that's how the programme works).

(c) Gabi and I had a really lovely, deep conversation in our room, made toast with Nutella and passionately danced around to CTY songs before going down to a session with four people in it. We got to talk about our businesses, it was cool.

(d) It was Sobellama's 18th birthday today, so we got cake. She's really lovely, happy birthday!

(e) Dr. Sue Black came over and gave a talk about Bletchley Park (with all the female programmers), then people learned how to knit. Ann O' Dea was being great on Twitter and asked me to take a selfie with Sue, then was very complimentary. Thanks, guys.

(f) We had fab wraps for dinner ("Mexican Night"). I had, in case you were wondering, rice, chicken, lettuce and cheese on mine. I probably should have used some sauce. At dinner, all the Irish people reminisced about classic Irish stuff (mostly TV like Quiz Zone and Aifric and especially Jedward. Oh, Jedward. And sending Dustin the Turkey into the Eurovision.) and had a grand old time.

(g) We finally got to leave the house, so a bunch of us walked to the playground in the evening rain. Gabi and I were very close, it was great. We were total children on the swings.

I'm tired. I really need to make a to-do list and just get stuff done tomorrow.

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