Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Outbox Day 10 (Tuesday): Gabi's birthday

After midnight on Monday night, the four of us hung out in Room 7 for a bit longer and were really cute, then finally went to bed.

In the morning, the Stemettes ran around banging pots and pans to get us up because the cleaner was coming, and one came in and kept, uh, urging us to get up, which I couldn't do because I was half-dressed. The fire alarm then mysteriously went off so we all had to get dressed really quickly and line up outside the house. Funny that. 

So we all sat in the main room talking, since we would normally be asleep for another few hours. Then, around eleven, we had architecture professor Shannon Chance come in to give us a workshop in design and architecture. After an hour of talking, we did the marshmallow challenge. Here are some of the results. It was funny because my group's structure was so different from all the others. I felt sick, I admit I wasn't much help. Proud of them though.

The press arrived sometime after that to chat to us. We had a nice time with Kayleigh Bateman from Computer Weekly, she's good at what she does. Gabi, Chloe and I of course ended up talking to her about gender discrimination because what else would girls talk about? (Yes, that is self-aware.)

Our second session was on Business Ethics with Charlotte from Salesforce. She told us some really interesting stories, like the downfalls of Enron and WorldCom (of which I'd, to her shock, never heard). She also talked a lot about Salesforce's philanthropy - Salesforce sponsor Outbox, you see. So we hear a lot about them (I'd actually never heard of them before this). I asked her what percentage of Salesforce's workforce is female and she refused to answer, saying they don't think about things like that although they do support equality. It's 15% in managerial roles and less than 30% overall, according to this.

After that, I just remember lying on the sofa across Gabi and Chloe. We had a really nice time, probably discussing identity politics because when aren't we? We're the ultimate roommates. One of the cameramen was surreptitiously filming us, though, which I was not a fan of. He also got Chloe and I to say scripted things into the camera. So if you're ever watching a documentary, just know that.

We had cake for Gabi's birthday. Happy 16th, darling! You're the best roommate a girl could ask for.

People had been cooking Thai green curry with Emma Black and I was quite looking forward to it, but it was way too spicy to eat much of. I quite enjoyed the crackers though.

Sometime after ten, while Ciara was hanging out with the three of us in our room, we were all called down to the kitchen (I was sure we'd get in trouble) to see this:

(We had been wondering why all the sweets had disappeared from the pantry.)

So for the next hour or so, while talking to Cian and Jason, I helped wash up. There was so much washing up, which happens when you have fifty people in a house.

The trio hung out in our room for a while, then a bit before midnight I went out to the staircase and chatted to Gabi, Edel, Ciara and Amy. it was really interesting and I've gained a lot of respect for them. Shoutout to Amy for being fab and not getting shouted out enough.

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