Tuesday, 28 July 2015

CTYI Day 15

I'm writing this late Tuesday night. Oh how my standards have slipped. 

Yesterday was the official beginning of the last week, and our fourth last day. The day got off to a bad start - Jerry and I were running for our bus when my bag split open. I discovered this when I got on the bus and saw my charger and other things  scattered on the ground outside. I picked them up, then after the bus started moving someone told me my jacket was still on the ground. I realised to my horror that they meant my Labcoat so dumped my stuff with Jerry (who fixed my bag zip on his journey alone), got off the bus and ran back. I got lost in Swords but eventually found it. Some kind soul had hung it on a railing. 

I got a bus and miraculously got off at the right sort and found my way to DCU no problem. I'm so proud I managed to navigate, although Jerry would roll his eyes because we've walked the route so many times. 

I got to DCU about twenty minutes late to find that my class had moved. They eventually sent a rescue party although we ended up going back to the same classroom. There's a conference on in DCU this week so we're not really sure what's going on. 

I think we did some Hegel yesterday. I'm not entirely sure when we did Marx but I really enjoyed that. At lunch, Jason was dissatisfied with my eating habits so made me eat like three or four apples, and Eve bought me a Naked berry smoothie. That was nice, but the apples were excessive. Jason was a great life guru at break. 

For Activities, we did Book Club. Jason lent me 'The Price of Inequality' by Stiglitz, a pretty dry economics book. I'm determined to put a dent in it before he goes back to London. I had a really lovely time at book club. Jason showed me a video at one point and the arrangement was comfy. I wasn't in the mood for an interactive activity. 

It didn't stop there, though - Jason coordinated people so that when I sat down at dinner they put three bowls of salad, one bowl of pasta and a banana in front of me. I also ended up with chocolate squares. 

Lisa's Vlad face and our corner partay. 

Quote from today: 'We're trying to summon Vladimir Putin'. 

Study was great. It was concerning at the start because Jason was sick and missing. He came back from the site office and just lay face down on the ground through study. Eoin kicked him occasionally to see if he was alive. He eventually woke up and talked to me about Thatcher and moral hazard in economics. I adore this sort of learning. 

He was face down most of the time, okay?

Social Time was pretty meh. Jason disappeared and I was stressed (unrelated). Arianna and Maedhbh did do an amazing rendition of the Bobo the Clown story, though.

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