Thursday, 23 July 2015

CTYI Day 10

Writing this on the bus in to DCU on Thursday morning. 

In morning class yesterday, we started Kantian philosophy. Our instructor calls Kant the greatest philosopher of the 18th (?) century, which is fair because he basically tried to combine rationalism and empiricism by proving that synthetic a priori truths could exist. We were all less giddy in class, so Jason and I didn't get moved apart until study. 

We found Aaron passed out on the classroom floor before class started:

At lunch Jason got frustrated over something and spilled water all over the table. 'Twas funny. 

Also at lunch, we watched an old video of a girl read out a hilariously embarrassing self-insert fanfic. Reactions:

Someone took a picture of me wearing about four pairs of glasses that I'll post when I get it off them. 

After lunch, we covered Englightenment and Romantic Philosophy in class, wasn't really my thing. Jason, Aaron, Méabh and I among others from the class left to participate in an experiment for the B Psych (Behavioural Psychology) class. We watched a car crash and filled on a survey. I'm pretty sure it was a test about memory in exceptional circumstances, but we've been told not to look it up because we have to do another test on the same thing today. Bit dodgy but hey. 

Fiachra (instructor) keeps taking my ukulele. 

For activities, I did Mock Battles since I didn't get a callback for the Talent Show (could be a good thing). Basically just because Jerry, Jack and Oscar were doing it, and I found out there that Kat was too. I played a few games, it was fun enough, then lay on the grass to talk to Jack. Related, why hasn't it been sunny at all this session?

Paper swords. 

At dinner, Jason and Cian tricked me into being late for my RA meeting because they're terrible people but all was fine. I got Bots so let the commuter coordination dance begin since I now have leverage. Look, friends. 

We had the instructor for study instead of our TA so it was unnervingly quiet. I got money out to tide me over so I can probably pay people back now, yay!  I got about two pages of my essay due the next morning written. 

At social time, Jason chased me around because I semi-accidentally took his essay. That was unnecessary drama. Circle chats involving Jason, Cian, Oscar and Eve. Heard the CAT Nevermore speeches because this is their last day. Found out John Cooney was a CAT to my shock and sadness. People carried me around and I got given out to by RAs even though it's totally safe. Hugs. 

Jerry's parents drove us back and I finished my essay around midnight. I have some great photos from Tuesday I must remember to post. 

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