Wednesday, 15 July 2015

CTYI Day 2

I know I'm missing a few posts (the end of Seattle and the start of CTYI), but I've just been crazy busy and am out and about every day from 7 am to 11 pm. Short post tonight. 

I woke up in Jerry's around half seven with him saying we had to be out of there by quarter to eight. I don't actually remember who woke me. It was the first time I'd slept in two days. We missed a ton of buses so his parents kindly drove us to DCU. 

I was walked to my classroom and I'm sure there were hugs. I can't remember specifics, but it's CTYI, it's about 40 hugs a day there. This was later in the day but special mention to John Cooney for the running hug this morning and JJ for one yesterday, I felt special. 

In class (my course is Popular Fiction, though I'm very seriously considering switching - it's just difficult to decide between philosophy and engineering) we started by splitting into groups. My group assignment was to discuss the positive and negative connotations of the term 'popular fiction'. Not a question I was fond of, because It was both difficult to answer satisfactorily and pointless.

We went on tangents a lot, and talking about 50 Shades has now been banned. I got a lot of quotes - the teacher and Philip are very quotable. 

I didn't see my RA group at lunch so I just sat with Micaiah, Gabi, JJ etc. I bought healthyish food in Spar but it was horribly soggy and I didn't end up eating that food until dinner time. 

I adopted two newbies as my mentee, Niamh and Amy, and a girl told me I had the best fashion sense she'd ever seen and proceeded to go into detail. Probably false, but heartening. 

After lunch we went up to a computer lab in DCU business lab and were paired off and given topics to present on. Myself and the girl beside me were given some book packaging company, the one that made Nancy Drew, to discuss. About 18 pages of reading too. I kept thinking it was evening study time already. 

At 3 I did Origami as my activity but just ended up making fortune tellers and using them to create truth or dare game-things. I had lots of chats too, it was actually better than expected. 

5 was dinner time. I bought a hoody at the RA meeting since it's my nevermore year, then finally got half an hour of dinner. I think we hung out in the stone circle before heading back for study. In case any CTYI admins are writing this, our unstructured time is far too short. 

We were back in the classroom for study, reading a horrifically sexist book from the 17 or 1800s. Their grammar was really weird. For the assignment I did a little comic strip. I enjoyed sitting beside Jack -I am really going to miss my classmates if/when I move. And Ben will have to do the quotes by himself. 

Social Time was 8.30 to 10.00 and was wonderful as usual. We played Truth or Dare mostly with my fortune tellers and everything went perfectly. I get to put the Labcoat in the traditions book to be read about on Thursday, and a girl told me she's been reading my blog for months. She was afraid of coming off creepy, so if you're reading it made me super chuffed. 

So many hugs occurred, and then Jerry and I walked back to his house (well, to and from a bus). We had noodles and chatted and it was nice, but since it's half past one in the morning and I have yet to add photos, let's leave it here. 

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