Tuesday, 21 July 2015

CTYI Day 8

As if I needed more proof that the Blogger app is awful, it deleted what I had written of this post. 

Anyway, yesterday was the start of the second and last full week of CTYI, and back to class and RA meetings and schedules after a great weekend. Jerry and I got the bus in. 

In Philosophy last week, we'd got to the point where Descartes proved that his mind existed (cogito ergo sum) so yesterday we found out how he satisfied himself that the rest of he world existed. To build a link between himself and the rest of the world, he immediately attempted to prove the existence of God using a mix of cosmological and ontological arguments. I found it very flawed and will enjoy writing the essay about it. We ended with the importance of Descartes, then moved onto Empiricism, which started out nice but got nasty fast. State of nature, political philosophy, Hobbes, Locke, oppression, slavery (Jason keeps calling me 'slaveowner' now). We also talked about libertarianism. 

Jason tried to make my bottle explode. 

Jason and I got separated a lot. Not my fault he kept talking to me! (Xo) it was a lot of fun. 

I can't actually remember what I did at dinner, but it was probably fun. For activities I did the Singalong with Ben, Ciaran, Teddy and Tom, among others, and ended up doing the TimeWarp. 

Hi Ben. 

At study, I started planning my essay and argued with Jason a lot. It was fun. 

Aaron. It's funny seeing someone so tall play such a small instrument ie my ukulele. I've lost count of how many people I'm teaching to play it now. 

Eoin found an awesome way to stop the RAs constantly talking about fire hazards. Also, they took a photo of me and made it into a meme while I was in the shower. Help. 

During social time the Book was read out. It was passed on to Gabi and my labcoat was read out for the first time. Some of the crowd. 

I was on the bench so got a good view. For the rest of social time we hung out in a common room in res. It was great, apart from when Jason tuned my ukulele strings to the same pitch (!!!). Eve had awesome hand art and we had a long-overdue chat (how do we not talk more?!). 

Then back to Jerry's, where his mam made the best noodles ever. 

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