Thursday, 23 July 2015

CTYI Day 9

I've forgotten a lot about Tuesday since it was two days ago, but I feel I should bog about it anyway. In class, I think we covered Hume, a 'jolly philosopher' and important British empiricist who I didn't like because he argued that causality doesn't exist. Biased, I know. People kept pointing remarks at me since this would undermine all of science and I was wearing a labcoat. Guys, while I am into science, I got the labcoat while doing a Journalism course.  Also, Berkeley said matter doesn't exist and that, from a strictly empiricist pint of view, we only have sense impressions. I hope it's Berkeley who said that, I'm not actually sure. Spinoza and Leibniz were mentioned. 

I think we started Kant that afternoon and continued yesterday, but I've already written about him in the Wednesday  post (ugh, chronology). 

Our faces are so funny. Poor Jason, meeting infamy on my blog. This was in class, no idea why it's so bright. Something to do with my camera. 

During Activities, I auditioned for the Talent Show with the three-song medley I made and watched some friends audition too. On top is a photo of Sandy. She did audition, but the picture is from our RA meeting. She's really good at balancing that bottle. 

During dinner, I convinced Jason to do a violin concert for us again. I lay on the ground, ostensibly to prevent fainting (he's amazing at it). More likely I was just lazy. 

Then came study, and to be honest I spent most of it having deep meaningful conversations with Jason plus some talking to Eve. At one point Jason made a really bad pun and was so ashamed of himself that he collapsed onto the ground. 

My social time was pretty much identical to Wednesday's. Why do I have so many pictures of Jason? 

Here's Oscar demonstrating correct ukulele-holding technique. Below, Sandy and I. At one point we followed two handcuffed-together RAs around the Quad, serenading them with the ukulele and singing. 

We had some corridor chats at the end. Just before that, Jason and I fought over the ukulele but it looks more like a Les Mis style musical confrontation. 


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