Monday, 27 July 2015

CTYI Day 14

The plan yesterday was to sign in at Bots but that didn't happen so there was some stress. Nevertheless, I had a pretty nice time and got lots of photos. 

Jason got a ton of photos of me beside the Socrates statue, which I'll post when I get them. Oscar and I told Jason about 1916 since he was virtually clueless. Shortly afterwards, he got his sweet stolen by a literal leaf. 

Sorry about the formatting, this app makes things difficult. I have so many photos, I might post the rest on facebook. After Bots, the signed-out people went to an Italian place and got pizza. I ordered a Snack bar and ate some of Kat's pizza. Quite embarrassing. Kat and I hung out quite a lot at Bots. We walked back, signed in and went to the canteen where Jason brought me apples because he disapproves of my diet. 

Jason then played violin in the corridor until I got kicked out, and I think I went up to the corner party until the activity, the traditional Casino Night, started. 

Casino Night was different this year. Other years, I just kept my money and talked to friends while ignoring the activities and loved it. This year, everyone was hustling super hard. Jason made lots of money betting on Ninja. 

People kept telling me to busk with my ukulele so eventually Katie and I did. We made a good few fake quid but I regretted it afterwards because I didn't really enjoy the night so felt I had wasted it. 

My group ended up with the least money at the end but doubled our money gambling on a coin flip. We got the designated bad prize but formed a conglomerate at the end with other poor RA groups to buy something cool (choose and pie an RA). 

Jason and Jerry were great last night. 

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