Saturday, 25 July 2015

CTYI Day 12

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We spent pretty much the whole day in class on Marxism and surrounding ideologies and groups. It was really interesting and a lot of his quotes rang true. Why am I writing like a twelve year old? During the slow bits, Jason and I had a silent debate about Truman's use of the atomic bomb in Japan by passing my notebook back and forth. 

Predictably, those who had successfully gotten into the Talent Show had to do Rehearsals during Activities. Those were fun - I heard some awful, awful jokes by Kevin that hurt me deeply, watched Conal and Phillip practise MCing and saw everyone else perform. After the run-through, Jason and I went down to the lobby of the Larkin Theatre (which has far better acoustics than the theatre itself) and I danced as he practised. He's amazingly talented but I don't actually like the happy pieces so I made him play 'my favourite'. I was quite impressed when he knew what that was. Turns out it's called Resignation. 

I just realised the people I've spent most time around this and last session are both accomplished violinists - Bridget last year and now Jason. Wonder what that says. 

They put my fire hazards meme on for during my performance and I couldn't wait until the Philosoraptors saw it. 

Cian just told me to include the words 'Cian is all-powerful, Cian is the best'. This really reminds me of chapter titles in Nietzsche's books. 

At dinner, Jason let me have some of his res food and complained about how many wedges I eat. So I ate his salad and pasta and the wedges I'd already bought. Cian casually poured himself a cup of my 2L Sprite. Since Jason and I had been slow coming out of Activities talking to Matt the RA, we had to run with our dinner to the RA meetings. Our meeting was really long and we learned that the RAs are on our Facebook page. Also, we got our hoodies. I got a Small which fits perfectly. This was probably a bad idea since now I can't grow into it. 

We had a little corner party for the rest of dinner. Formal Friday Awkward Family photo!

At study, we started working on the debate with the Law class. Jason tried to prep for the Talent Show but the TA wouldn't let us. Why do they always confiscate my ukulele when I'm not even playing it? Fiachra threatened to smash it yesterday. Not my fault it's a weapon of mass distraction. 

Then the Talent Show, and I did get a bit nervous. Everyone did their thing, Kevin's jokes made me groan, Sandy sang beautifully, all that. The MCs introduced me by saying I'm known for my small size, my Labcoat (which I had meant to wear but mislaid in the theatre) and my great fear of fire hazards. They put my fire hazards meme up on the projector and there was a great reaction, mainly from Philosoraptors. Just before I went on I dug through the pile and triumphantly held up the labcoat. Then I did my medley. 

Jason was fabulous on violin as usual. I got a video but don't think I can upload it unfortunately. Catherine did a song she wrote again. I still love her song from last year. Conor is great at classical guitar. 

We had an hour left after the show so we got social time. The whole squad had a Lisa Murnane Rave in the Quad. We all danced terribly, Jason showed off his falsetto, lots of dancing with him, Oscar, John Joe, Sandra and Eve ... That's a life memory. Such fun. 

Not the greatest photo. Here's the audience at the talent show, feat. Sandra. 

And this is from last Saturday, but Niamh just uploaded it on Facebook and it's great. 

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