Friday, 17 July 2015

CTYI Day 4

Hi. Super tired, let's get on with it. 

I woke up early but in walking through an unfamiliar town to the bus stop missed all the ses that could've got me to Intel on time (a day Margaret Burgraff had organised). I got into the city centre and eventually got on the 66 to Maynooth with little incident and thankfully a nice driver. 

I had a really good time in Intel. They told and showed us (myself and Lauren) a lot of confidential  things so I can't say much (too tired to anyway) but we had a mix of meetings and lab and fab tours. I loved the presentation Leonard gave us at the start and talking to Cliodhna and all other meetings. It was cool that some fabs are currently being rebuilt because we got to see them build up. Cool talking to Sarah Sexton too. We also got free lunch, always a plus. And they invited us back! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the day. 

I had a really nice chat with Lauren and Tania on the way back, shoutout to Tania for giving me the lift.

I arrived at DCU just slightly before dinner. Less detail now, it's late. RA meeting was grand, friends. Hugging. Worshipping fans. All that stuff.  

I lay on the table at dinner for some reason. 

Study then, and I ran into a guy from my new class and a friend and said 'Aaron, I'm so happy to see you - I don't know where the classroom is'. I had hoped to get work done but I still have no essay to show. Oh dear. Do essays exist?

Cat took 160 selfies on my IPAD WITH NO STORAGE. 

Cutest couple ever?

It was miserable weather so we had a wonderful Social Time in common rooms. John played guitar, they messed around with a speaker on the window and much affection was exchanged. 

Jerrys neighbour came out Dr, too so we chatted to her for a while. Cool day, and everything worked out pretty well considering all the variables! 

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