Thursday, 2 July 2015

June Review

This month heralded the start of my summer holidays from school, and the fact that it's now July means over a third of my summer is over *screams*

So what have I done with it? For the first week or so, absolutely nothing. There was one day near the start of the month where I was literally only out of bed for about five minutes, and I wasn't even sick. So none of the blog posts in early June were daily accounts/personal experiences, except one about giving a presentation to the nanomed group in St. James' about my research. I blogged about why Bo Burnham is great, some hilariously stupid self-published author embarrassing himself (my most popular post), what my school looks like in summer, physical books vs Kindle, what I like and dislike about living in Ireland and a confessional post about being a "winner". I also had a very sarcastic post about how to pull weeds, which was enjoyable to write. More posts too, which you can find links to in my archives to your right.

Then stuff started happening, and boy did it happen fast.

On Monday 15th June, I received my acceptance email to Outbox Incubator, which was very exciting. I blogged about it the next day and was then contacted by an editor at Silicon Republic, who said they loved it and wanted to publish it on their site. After a bit of revision (I had just written the post quickly on the train up that morning, in fairness), it went up! Awesome. You can find it here. That was the second time in a few days I'd been featured in Silicon Republic - you can find the first (smaller) one here. 

I'm pretty sure stuff happened the Tuesday and Wednesday (I was in school prepping for Sentinus, I think), but the blog archives go straight to Thursday 18th June, a.k.a. Day 1 of InspireFest. I had an amazing time there with my DYC ticket (and lanyard!) and heard some truly incredible speakers. The following day was Day 2 of InspireFest, which I also blogged about. You should definitely read those posts, which you can find here and here

InspireFest was such a great experience, and to add to it I made some fantastic connections including Margaret Burgraff, keynote speaker and Intel global VP (who's taken a shine to me). In the days following, I published my highlights of the event and the interview I conducted with Harry McCann, founder of the Digital Youth Council.

That's a collage of my favourite photos from the event. Top to bottom: me with most of the Irish Outbox Incubator acceptees, me with Laura from school whom I serendipitously met on the train home, me with Catrina, me with Dr Susan McKenna Lawlor and me with Christine. 

I really recommend you check out my highlights post for lots more photos and cool stuff. 

On Tuesday 23rd June I had Sentinus Young Innovators, aka the Northern Ireland Young Scientist. I had literally been dreaming about this competition for a month. I didn't win, nor did I place the same as last year despite my infinitely better project. I did get two awards though, winning my category (senior science) and best lab project. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I was very proud of Niamh, pictured on the left in this picture, who won the Intermediate category despite only being in 2nd Year.

The next day, June 24th, was excellent because I had my mentoring day in Intellectual Ventures. Very luxurious, met lots of cool people and got excited for my upcoming Seattle trip. Read about that here.


Pretty much every weekday in June after that, I was up in St. James' Hospital in the lab or PhD reading room. We did have a party on the Tuesday because someone in the group did their PhD Viva, which was fun. Involved a ton of waiting though. 

Around Thursday the 25th, I got my school exam results and I was happy with them, yay. On Saturday the 27th I went up for a CTYI reunion and ended up going to the Pride parade in Dublin. It was amazing, have some photos. 

Such a great experience - read about it here.

The last few days of June were taken up by my Public Transport Reviews series. I was about to describe something that happened yesterday, but since that was the 1st of July I feel I shouldn't and will just post a quick photo. 

In conclusion, a very mixed month. Zilch until the 15th, then lots of long-awaited and intense events afterwards, while still being a lovely month socially. I eagerly await the 6th of July, when my trips away begin.

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