Sunday, 26 July 2015

CTYI Day 13

Terrifyingly close to the end. As usual for the second Saturday of the session, we all went to Blanch(ardstown Shopping Centre) and then came back for the disco. 

We got a lift in from Jerry's sister and I hung out with Maeve, Eoin, Lisa and others for a while because Jerry and most of my friends were going to Blanch on an earlier bus. I charged my iPad in Maeve's room while we talked about journaling and blogs. Turns out she has a music blog, Y'all should check it out. There was a bit of panic when my bags disappeared but they turned out to be in Maeve's room, where my Fanta and hoody still are. Maeve is so stylish 

We watched Ciaran practising Diablo:

We eventually left on the bus to Blanch. I sat beside Katie and we talked about Operation Vittles, Vienna and probably other things. I forget a lot of what happened at Blanch. The whole crew went to Subway, I sat beside Jason and Cian with Jerry behind me and got large fries (living on the wild side). I changed my passcode because Jason knew it but he'd figured out the new one within ten minutes. 

We went to Tiger, where I got this lei (unsure how to spell this) in a throwback to last year when my Bridget-Cathal-Cian squad all bought them for the disco. Good memories. 

We went to Mr. Price where I bought loads of sweets, then to GameStop where Jason casually threw down 150 quid on a PS Vita. He does not regret his decision, apparently. 

I met a lot of past nevermores and session-1ers. They were great, especially when I felt super faint and they took care of me. Shoutout to Dáire for buying me a 2L Fanta bottle. This is Daniel holding it. 

It was great to see Daire, Alice, Nitai, Scott and more. I saw Thomas today, which was cool. 

Went to Easons with Amy. This is a picture of us later, just before the disco. 

I got Jason to play violin for me for a while before going up to Sandy's room to get ready. Some photos from before the disco:

Me with Little Red Riding Hood. 

The disco was amazing, apart from the fact that I missed Gay Bar. During YMCA-cum-CTYI, Cian and I high-fived on the Is. For Smooth Criminal, my group all replaced the name in the song with my name every time. I was surrounded by friends (Jason, Cathal, Ben) for American Pie. I got a bit distracted and couldn't get into the moment for Street Spirit and Iris, but that hopefully won't hpen next week. Lots of hugs at the end. 

And noodles when I got home!

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